May 8, 2024

Apple Now Has an iPad for EVERYONE

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Tech giant Apple just wrapped up its ‘Let Loose’ event, showcasing the next evolution of the iPad while also previewing refreshed accessories and updated software.  
Ever since its release in 2010, the iPad has become a staple in households everywhere. Whether you’re a stay-at-home mom with a four-year-old who loves Cocomelon or a Creative, who needs to work on-the-go, the iPad is a popular go-to device for everyday functions. 

The iPad line has likewise evolved from a one-size-fits-all tablet to a multi-model line featuring different sizes, specs, and options. And with this newly announced batch of releases from ‘Let Loose,’ the iPad crystalizes its intention to deliver a personalized experience for a wide array of users.

The iPad Air: More Space for Design


For the first time ever, Apple is splitting the iPad Air line: one that comes at the standard 11 inches and another 13-inch model, fit for Interior Designers and Architects who spend hours sketching on their devices.


While both versions of the iPad Air are not equipped with the same OLED screen technology as its Pro counterparts, you still get the Air’s iconic edge-to-edge display with its ultra slim bezels. This gives you more real estate for drawing and designing, eliminating the constant zooming and fidgeting that comes when you work on smaller screens. 


Arki and interior design professors and students will benefit from the new placement of its front camera. It’s been repositioned, so that it’s at the top of the iPad when in landscape mode, making it better for screen sharing and presentation purposes during online classes.


You also get a powerful M2 processor, so you’re still getting a solid device that supports programs like SketchUp. The iPad Air is available in blue, purple, starlight, and space gray finishes—so you’re sure to look sleek as the work you produce.

The iPad Pro: Film like a Pro


Aspiring filmmakers should look no further than the new and improved iPad Pro for an all-in-one shooting, editing, and color-grading tool. Aspiring filmmakers should look no further than the new and improved iPad Pro for an all-in-one shooting, editing, and color-grading device.


While not as powerful as a full film rig, the iPad Pro provides everything one needsyou need to make an Apple-shot film (Just check out these flicks: Little Garlic and Midnight).


This new gen introduces extended battery life, 120Hz ProMotion refresh rates, and improved full-screen brightness with two OLED panels. To boot, it also comes with Apple’s Ultra Retina XDR, allowing for stunning precision, color, and brightness in your shots.


But what really changes the game is the latest M4 chip, empowering filmmakers with an AI-focused processor that can elevate their craft. You can likewise access professional apps, like Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro 2, with greater ease and minimal lag. 


Speaking of Final Cut Pro 2, they’ve upgraded this app by streamlining the film process. You can now shoot in 4K, store footage, and edit your films in one thrilling device. You’ll feel like a professional with the new Final Cut Camera app, as it provides live multicamera support that allows you to connect and preview up to four cameras all at once, all in one place. 


Thanks to a stronger processor, editing and finishing a project on the iPad Pro is much easier and smoother. You can apply color grading, multiple visual effects, with faster render times compared to before.


This is Cyberzone’s top pick for filmmakers, who want a shooting-and-editing powerhouse on-the-go—especially since it’s the thinnest Apple product ever made.

The Magic Keyboard: The Writer’s Buddy


There are writers out there that probably toyed with the idea of switching from a clunky laptop to a sleeker and more portable iPad—but, ultimately, could not make the change because they enjoy the tactile feeling of a classic keyboard.


Voila! Apple has introduced the newest iteration of the Magic Keyboard, now with upgraded features that offer better functionality with the same desired portability. While it remains thin and light, the iPad accessory has added a function row for quick control access to brightness, volume, and play/pause. It also boasts a larger trackpad that expands how you interact with the iPadOS, which delivers haptic feedback for precisionbased workflows and MultiTouch gestures. 


Writers, students, and professionals can now make the switch to the iPad life without compromising the keyboard ergonomics that they’ve grown accustomed to.   

The Apple Pencil: Upgraded for Animators


The Apple Pencil Pro has always been beloved by artists and animators alike, and last night Apple just announced exciting updates for its third generation.   


The Apple Pencil Pro, combined with the power of the iPad Pro and Procreate, is now comparable to dedicated drawing devices. When moving and transforming objects on canvas you get to enjoy haptic feedback, so objects snap perfectly into alignment. They also introduced new squeeze gestures for easy access to shortcuts.  


One of the big highlights that’ll get animators excited would be the improved barrel roll gyroscope in Procreate Dreams, where you can record your actions as the movie plays. Move and rotate objects at the same time for a more streamlined animating process that allows you to stay in the moment. Procreate Dreams also introduces advanced lens blur features, allowing you to use realistic bokeh effects in your animations.  


The Apple Pencil unlocks a whole new process for work—making it one of Cyberzone’s top picks for creators and artists out there.

If the Apple Let Loose showcase proved anything, it’s this— there is an iPad and accessories for everybody. Whether you’re a creative visionary, a budding business mogul, or a humble student, there’s one that feels tailor-fit for your everyday needs and whims.


Apple continues to push the limits of tech, and with more future announcements coming up we can’t help but feel extra thrilled for the future. 


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