December 1, 2023

HONOR Magic V2: Thinnest Folding Smartphone Yet

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Folding smartphones are all the rage once again, and HONOR has made sure that they aren’t falling behind. Their new series of folding smartphones don’t just fold; they also happen to be ultra-thin and ultra-light to ensure the utmost portability. Believe it or not, the HONOR Magic V2 is only 9.9mm thick, all the while promising both durability and sturdiness despite its portable design.

HONOR Magic V2 thin phone on a hand
Golden Standard Certified

What’s more, the HONOR Magic V2 is said to be the first smartphone in the world to pass Switzerland’s SGS high-reliability folding quality gold standard certification. This proves that it can fold more than 400 thousand times! In fact, even after folding it 200 thousand times, its screen will only change by a hair.


Another first in terms of folding smartphones, the HONOR Magic V2 also supports eye protection and zero-risk dimming on both of its screens, making them friendlier to the eyes. You may also use the stylus on both screens now. The smartphone supports various features like smart literacy, smart lasso, magnifying glass, pen shorthand, and color picking so you can fully utilize the stylus and truly let your creativity unfold.


Having said that, the screen is extremely durable as well, thanks to its use of second-generation nano-ceramic glass. Its drop resistance performance is also 30% better compared to the materials used in previous HONOR smartphones. It also uses the second-generation Snapdragon 8 leading-edge processor for a powerful performance.

All of HONOR Magic V2's Features

That’s not all. Additionally, the HONOR Magic V2 has a comprehensive split-screen mode and a one-step drag-and-drop operation method so you can make the most of it in an efficient and comfortable manner. The HONOR document function has also been improved for more intelligent use.


One new feature found on the HONOR Magic V2 is the multi-angle hovering function, which you can use while listening to music, watching movies, joining online conferences, and even while shooting videos.  No matter how you fold it, this allows you to truly immerse yourself in the folding screen experience that HONOR has to offer.


You can also look forward to longer battery life with this smartphone as it uses a new generation of HONOR Qinghai Lake dual batteries of up to 5000mAh packaged into a thin and light smartphone you are sure to fall in love with in no time.

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