October 24, 2023

Elevate Your Gaming Experience with These New Sony Devices

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Following the sneak peek of its PS5 remote play device in May, Sony officially introduced the PlayStation Portal remote player along with two other latest devices: its first-ever wireless earbuds Pulse Explore and its over-the-ear wireless headset Pulse Elite. 


These innovative devices are set to make your gaming experience and leisure more enjoyable, especially as the PlayStation community continues to grow. Take a look at what they offer:

New Sony Devices to Get Your Hands On

PlayStation Portal Remote Player


Playing your favorite games will be made more fun and convenient with PlayStation’s handheld device. It features a DualSense wireless controller, adaptive triggers, and haptic feedback for swift responses. With its vibrant 8-inch LCD screen capable of 1080p resolution at 60fps, you’ll get an exceptional visual experience, allowing you to become more immersed in any game that you play.


The PlayStation Portal remote player is perfect for gamers who love to play with family members or friends as you can share with it whether you’re in the same or separate room. It will connect instantly to your PS5 over Wi-Fi for easy switching from your PS5 to your PlayStation Portal.


Pulse Elite


It goes without saying that audio plays a significant role in gaming. That’s why Sony’s Pulse Elite offers seamless audio that will take your gaming experience to the next level. 


It includes a retractable boom mic with AI-enhanced noise rejection to filter background noise, helping you to stay focused on each game. For easy charging and storage, the device also comes with a charging hanger. 


Pulse Explore


Pulse Explore is Sony’s first wireless earbuds that deliver high-quality portable audio. Like the Pulse Elite, it has dual microphones with AI-enhanced noise rejection to filter background noise as well as a charging case. 


Aside from gaming, this device is also great for binge-watching movies and listening to music. According to PlayStation, it’s the first wireless earbuds that use planar magnetic driver technology, which provides a more powerful bass. 


It has also been revealed that the Pulse Elite and Pulse Explore can directly connect with the PlayStation Portal through PlayStation Link to deliver low latency and clear audio. With this, users can easily switch between multiple PlayStation Link hosts, such as PS5 with the USB adapter and PlayStation Portal.


The PlayStation Link USB adapter will be sold separately and can be used on PC and Mac. Stay tuned for further updates on their official release! For now, you may check out other Sony devices and #TechAssured gadgets at SM Cyberzone.

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