November 22, 2023

Battle of the Handhelds: Who Will Win?

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With the amount of handheld gaming consoles out there nowadays, you might have trouble deciding which one to buy. If you are planning to get one for yourself or for a special someone, here are some of the most popular handheld gaming consoles on the market that you might want to consider, all of which are available at a Cyberzone near you:

Valve Steam Deck

For gamers who are looking for handheld gaming consoles that suit their PC gaming lifestyle, the Valve Steam Deck is the perfect device. Although not all Steam games work on it, it’s a great gadget to have for those days when you can’t or don’t want to bring your laptop with you, or you won’t be able to be near your PC to play your favorite video games. It’s basically like a pocket-sized PC, really, that has enough power to play your Steam games while on the go.

valve steam deck on a shelf
AyaNeo Air Plus

If you’ve got more money to splurge, the AyaNeo Air Plus is another one of the most popular handheld gaming consoles in the market right now. Also tailored to offer PC gaming on the go, this device is even better than the Valve Steam Deck with a design that is easier to grip and lighter to carry around, ensuring that you get to play your favorite PC games for longer without sacrificing on performance or comfort. Just be prepared to pay more for it.

aya neo air white
Nintendo Switch OLED

The Nintendo Switch is practically a household name by now and is definitely still the best handheld console for casual gamers out there. With an amazing 7-inch OLED display and the ability to connect it to a bigger screen, gamers who like to switch up how they game will appreciate the Nintendo Switch OLED all the more. Since it has a bigger screen than the original Nintendo Switch, you really won’t feel like it’s lacking even when you use it as a handheld. Plus, you’ll have a wide array of video games to choose from.

white nintendo switch oled on a wooden table
Nintendo Switch Lite

If you’re looking for handheld gaming consoles on a budget, the Nintendo Switch Lite is a great option as a first-time gaming console for kids and for those who are also looking for something lighter and more portable. Keep in mind that the Nintendo Switch Lite cannot be connected to a bigger screen, though, and is strictly just for handheld gaming.

Nintendo Switch Lite in a box
Pick Out the Handheld Gaming Device for You

When choosing handheld gaming consoles, keep in mind the gaming personality of the person who will be using it. Either way, all of the options listed in this article are of top quality and are sure to provide a great gaming experience for anyone.


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