July 3, 2023

5 of the Best Noise Cancelling Headset Under 3k

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Yes to ~noise~ cancel culture with an affordable and stylish noise cancelling headset all within budget. We’ve all been there. Right smack in the middle of your online presentation, your beloved furbaby starts to howl in despair, begging for a much-needed afternoon walk. Or just you’re about to answer the dreaded “why should we hire you” question on your job interview, mom suddenly bursts through your door in frenzy, asking if her Shopee order has arrived.

Red wired noise cancelling headset by Yarenci Hdz - unsplash.com

Perhaps the only thing we can complain about working from home is the constant distractions, particularly unnecessary background noises. It may seem harmless at first. But the moment it becomes a recurring bit, these common annoyances can break one’s rhythm, The smallest of background sound can even disrupt online meetings, interviews, and even classes altogether.


No one is to blame, After all, not all of us have the luxury of having a dedicated home office. This is where headsets with active noise cancellation technology come in.


To give you a quick pick, here are the five best noise-cancelling headsets that you can score for less than 3K.

5 Noise Cancelling Headsets Under PHP 3,000.


Mpow H19 IPO Active Noise Cancelling Headphones


An overlooked set of entry-level cans in an otherwise sea of flagship headphones, the Mpow H19 IPO sports a sleek form factor with functionalities that can pass off as top-shelf quality.


Pink MpoMpow H19 IPO Active Noise Cancelling Headphones from xmpow.com


It has solid 40mm tuned sound drivers for balanced sounds with deep bass, easily connects through Bluetooth 5, integrated CVC mic, fast-charging capabilities, and a battery life that can run up to 30 hours of continuous playtime. The headset’s thick, cushy ear pads already work wonders in blocking off ambient sound from the get-go, even without its ANC features. When switched on, the active noise cancelling works wonders in keeping unwanted background noises away from your conversation.


Aiwa AWH02BT Ultra Bass Headphones


Aiwa H06BT Ultra Bass Headphones combine form and function, and packs a whole lot of solid features for its price point.


Aiwa AWH02BT Ultra Bass Headphones Noise Cancelling by aiwa.com.ph


Its 40mm drivers exude a rich, well-balanced stereo sound quality with extra punchy bass, perfect for work, gaming, and music. Its Nordic-inspired design sports a sleek profile with functional side buttons for quick controls.


It is powered by CSE8645 Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity and can withstand up to 12 hours of audio playback and talk time. While the headphones lack an Active Noise Cancelling feature, the pair’s meticulously designed ear cups with thick foam pads provide effective fortification against background noises.


Newmsnr 07S Foldable Bluetooth Noise Cancelling Headphones


Ultra-stylish design, lots of features, balanced audio quality, and affordability. Newmsnr plays all the right cards with its 07S Foldable Bluetooth Headset.


Newmsnr 07S Foldable Bluetooth Noise Cancelling Headphones by dhgate.com


The 07S boasts superb balanced surround sound with thumping bass, all brought by its 40mm moving coil drivers. This noise cancelling headset is also equipped with a built-in microphone, dual-connectivity via Bluetooth or through 3.5mm cable, TF card slot, and sweat-resistant ear cups to provide extra protection against wear-and-tear.


Zealot B20 HiFi Stereo Bluetooth Headphones


The beauty about Zealot’s pair of headphones is that it doesn’t overstate and overpromise. That’s what makes the B20 a steal. Its sheer design simplicity, complemented by awesome features and good sound quality can justify every peso you spent on these cans, plus more.


Zealot B20 HiFi Stereo Bluetooth Headphones by zealot-audio.com


For starters, it offers high-fidelity surround stereo sound brought by its 40mm dynamic drivers. This is complemented by a CVC 6.0 noise cancelling feature to effectively block off ambient noises and sound clutters while talking.


Among other features include an integrated HD microphone, soft earmuffs with breathable leather finish, a replaceable 600mAh battery that can operate up to 10 hours of continuous playback, and a multifunction side control panel for ease of access.


Tylex S4000 Foldable Bluetooth Headset Wireless


The Tylex S4000 doesn’t hold back when it comes to offering added features that go beyond being a mere audio peripheral.


Tylex S4000 Foldable Bluetooth Headset Wireless by Yomo.ph


At face value, the design showcases an overall black profile that’s almost reminiscent of Sennheiser and Philips. The headband sports a leather-stitched finish, while the earmuffs are fitted with memory foam to ensure comfort and reliable blockade against background noises.


The pair’s cool features include Bluetooth 5 connectivity, built-in mic, FM radio capability, TF card slot, AUX support, and long battery life. Meanwhile, the 40mm drivers with titanium diaphragm and copper coil provide a balance of highs and lows.


A New Kind of Focus with Noise Cancelling Headsets


To sum up, while these selections of noise cancelling headsets can deliver straight-up performance, it is still important to note that we’re dealing within the budget spectrum. You still have to manage expectations and weigh in options for you to make the best out of your purchase.


In the end, having these budget headsets will serve as your springboard for upgrading. Snag these #TechAssured headsets at your nearest SM Cyberzone branch. Make sure to #CheckCyberzone to get your daily brand updates, gadget reviews, and tech news.

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