January 18, 2022

5 Fun, Beginner-Friendly Video Games to Play with Your Friends

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Is being stuck at home starting to get to you? One of the best ways to de-stress when life at home is getting to you is playing video games with your friends. Video games don’t always have to be ultra-competitive, though, nor do they have to be complicated. If you’re up for some casual fun, here are 5 fun beginner friendly video games you can play with your friends, even when you aren’t actually together. And yes, they’re very beginner-friendly.


Animal Crossing

If it’s de-stressing that you need, Animal Crossing is the perfect game for it. There’s just something relaxing about creating your very own island and living in an alternate world. You also get to fish and shop, and visit your friends’ islands for fashion shows and holiday celebrations.


Mario World

Fun and Beginner-Friendly Video Games to Play with Friends: Mario World

This is the perfect game for the “older kids”. If you remember blowing into video game cartridges when you were a kid, you’ll love the nostalgia that comes with Mario World. There’s something comforting and sweet about playing video games that you loved as a kid, especially when your crew understands just how important the game was for you growing up.



In Phasmophobia, you’ll be playing the roles of paranormal investigators trying to stay alive and figure out the types of ghosts you are dealing with. Not only is this game entertaining, but it also involves a lot of interesting scenarios that will definitely garner funny interactions. You’re sure to have a blast in every match.


Pokemon Unite

Fun and Beginner-Friendly Video Games to Play with Friends: Pokemon Unite

If you have a gang of Pokemon lovers, you probably already play this game. If you don’t, it’s time to get on it. This free battle arena game is so much fun. You’ll get to battle in different arenas as Pokemon trainers and score energy points as you defeat other teams.


Stardew Valley

If you love RPGs, you need to check out Stardew Valley. In it, you play a character who has inherited their grandfather’s farm and is starting a new life. As fun as it is to play this game alone, it is much better to play with friends, of course. In multiplayer mode, you can play with three friends and do co-op farms. It’s a great game to hang out in.

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Written by: Angeline Rodriguez 

Angeline Rodriguez is the Managing Editor of When In Manila and an Editor at Newsweek Amplify. She is a gamer and a geek with a mad love for anime and KDramas.




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