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March is Women’s Month and we are here to celebrate some of the amazing women who have changed the world for the better with their knowledge and skills – the women without whom we may not have the tech products and advancements we enjoy today.


Ada Lovelace

Image Source: We Are The Mighty

Ada Lovelace is known by many as “the world’s first computer programmer”. Lovelace always had extraordinary mathematical skills, which became more evident when she worked with Charles Babbage, the inventor of the analytical engine. Although this device never came to fruition, it was pretty much like a modern computer and Lovelace’s work therein gave her the nickname she is known for to this day. Her notes on the project are actually what inspired one of the most important tech products out there – the first modern computer by Alan Turing in the 1940s.


Grace Hopper

Image Source: Vassar College

Grace Hopper is another famous name in the world of technology. A computer scientist and a computer programmer, her work brought about the early programming language COBOL, which we still use today. She also recorded the first real computer bug in the world in 1947.


Hedy Lamarr

Image Source: Forbes

While Hedy Lamarr is famous for being a movie actress, the secret communication system that she designed with George Antheil paved the way for the Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and GPS communication systems we use in today’s day and age.


Mary Wilkes

Image Source: Jaya Company

A logic designer and computer programmer, Mary Wilkes designed the LINC software, the early version of an interactive personal computer. Having been the first one to use LINC in her home back in 1965, she has become known as the first home computer user ever.


Adele Goldberg

Image Source: Forbes

Adele Goldberg developed the programming language Smalltalk-80, the inspiration of the first Apple computer. Her concepts also paved the way for today’s graphical user interfaces.


Radia Perlman

Image Source: She Thought It

Radia Perlman played a big part in today’s Internet world. The Spanning Tree Protocol (STP) algorithm that she created has significantly affected how networks move data around.

This Women’s Month, let’s keep celebrating women in tech, gaming, and beyond. Don’t miss out on SM Cyberzone’s GameFest where lady streamers will take center stage in a Mobile Legends Exhibition. Don’t miss out on the great promos on tech products during Cyberzone GameFest, either!


Written by: Angeline Rodriguez 

Angeline Rodriguez is the Managing Editor of When In Manila and an Editor at Newsweek Amplify. She is a gamer and a geek with a mad love for anime and KDramas.




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