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With technology so much a part of our lives, it’s no wonder that even our time to disconnect from the digital and reconnect with the actual can be made better by using programs that make the entire process easier.


Here are a few apps that will make enjoying your summer a whole lot smoother.


For travel



Traveloka is great at helping you find the right flights for your trips. It even has packages that combine airlines with hotels and tours for an all-in-one experience that will cover all your travel needs in a snap! If you prefer an app that lets you get everything done in one go, try using Traveloka.





For fun activities



Klook makes it easy to discover activities, attractions and things to do whenever and wherever you travel. Using this app, you can find and book services at great prices, so all you have to do is show up for your fun experience. If you prefer an app that makes it all easy, try using Klook.







KKday specializes in connecting travellers with local tours and activities. It focuses on authentic experiences that range from the famous to off-the-beaten-track, so you’re sure to find something right for you there. If you prefer an app that gives you the real local flavour, try using KKday.









For staying


The idea that disrupted the hospitality industry, Airbnb allows people to turn their spare rooms or homes into short-term rentals for people who don’t need all the amenities of a hotel. While it has expanded to offer tours as well, Airbnb is still great at finding inexpensive places to stay all around the world. If you prefer an app that makes staying informal and fun, try using Airbnb.







If you’re the type who uses a hotel room as a temporary home base when away on vacation, Trivago can help you find the right one. It lets you compare room rates from more than 400 booking sites for 1.8+ million hotels in over 190 countries, so you’re sure to get the best deal. If you prefer an app that makes hotel prices and booking easy, try using Trivago.



There are so many more apps that make summer easy and fun which are available in the Google Play Store for Android, and the Apple App store. For best effect, make sure to get great hardware to use them on. Just #CheckCyberzone for the model that’s perfect for your budget and needs! #EverythingsHereAtSM



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