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It should come as no surprise that we believe gadgets make the best gifts for any occasion. But for summer, tech can actually take on a whole new meaning for gifting! Read on to discover what we mean.




Samsung Galaxy Note9

Giving a smartphone says, “I want to stay in touch!” It lets the recipient feel that you wouldn’t want to go even just one day without hearing from him/her, and you love getting random pics throughout the day of selfies, food, weirdly shaped clouds, stores with funny names and other things.


Want to stay in touch? Give a smartphone! The Samsung Galaxy Note9 is powerful, has a great display, and even allows the person you’re gifting to doodle on pics before sending them. Get it at Samsung concept stores and authorized resellers in SM Cyberzone!




Any new mirrorless camera

Giving a camera says, “I want to see things through your eyes!” The person you give it to will feel that you fully appreciate their talent, creativity and eye for beauty, and that you are in awe of how they can make even everyday objects and scenes seem like picturesque art scenes.


Want to see beautiful things? Give a camera! The Fujifilm X-T3 is mirrorless, so it’s smaller than a DSLR while providing tack-sharp images. The 0.06-second maximum autofocus speed and 0.17-second shooting interval will help freeze the moment, no matter what’s going on. Get it at Fujifilm concept stores and authorized resellers in SM Cyberzone!




Huawei MateBook X Pro

Giving a laptop says, “I want you to balance your work and life!” Your recipient will feel that you fully support them in whatever they do for work or play, and that you’re willing to be a casual observer on the sidelines while they do what they have to and get things done.


Want to be the unwavering pillar of support? Give a laptop! The Huawei MateBook X Pro is slim and trim with really skinny bezels, but has a powerful Intel Core i7 CPU and NVIDIA graphics that make it capable of handling work and play with ease. Get it at authorized Huawei resellers in SM Cyberzone!


Bluetooth speaker


 JBL Flip 4

Giving a Bluetooth speaker says, “I want you to have fun!” The person you’re giving it to will feel that his/her voice or body hypnotizes and mesmerizes you, and makes you fall into a trance with every passing moment.


Want to be completely immersed in your SO? Give a Bluetooth speaker! The JBL Flip 4 delivers a strong audio punch at full volume without any distortion. And because it’s water-resistant, it can accompany your gift-receiver to the pool or beach with no problems. Get it at JBL concept stores and authorized resellers in SM Cyberzone.


These are just a few of the many gadgets you’ll find in stores when you #CheckCyberzone! Find the best tech gift for summer and beyond, and you’re sure to send a lasting and memorable message. #EverythingsHereAtSM



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