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Want to take yourself to the next level, health-wise? You’ve got to hit the road or gym, but without a way of measuring your progress, you’ll just end up guessing. That’s why we recommend getting a fitness device to help track your steps, calories burned, heart rate and others. Get ready to pound the ground!



The local smartwatch selection has been steadily growing in recent years, and now a range of models at different price points is available. They all perform their core competency with ease, so it really is just a question of what additional features you want.


Coming from an iconic wearables maker, the Fitbit Ionic gives you real-time guidance so you can better reach your goals. It does personal coaching, checks your heart rate, counts your steps, and even tracks your swim! With 8 different sensors, you’ll be able to watch your progress spike.

The Samsung Gear Sport tracks your fitness and diet so you can stay on the right (and narrow) path to crush your goals. With changeable watch faces and an attractive design, you’re sure to catch a lot of envious stares at your wrist (or maybe all that cardio is paying off).



Most of today’s fitness trackers are meant for wearing on the wrist, and these models aren’t any different. While still attractive, they are meant to be a little less obtrusive than smartwatches while still offering many of the functions.


The Mi Band 3 manages to fit in heart rate monitoring and step counting features in a low-key design that you can jazz up by switching out the band to something more lively and vibrant, if that’s your thing. There’s also a 0.78” OLED touchscreen, and water resistance for those running-in-the-rain moments.





The bright OLED display of the Honor Band 4 is a sure sign that the company put a lot of effort into making it attractive. The function aspect was covered, too, as this device functions as a pedometer and sleep tracker, while also displaying notification pushed from your smartphone.








If you’d like to make do with what you have, you can even use your smartphone as your fitness tracker. After all, the gyroscope and accelerometer that your device has are the same types of sensors that regular step counters have as well.

For Android, just install the Google Fit app. After you put in your personal details, it’ll start tracking your steps, distance covered and calories burned. The app also lets you set activity goals, and view your performance on a historical basis.







iOS owners can use the preinstalled Apple Health app, which allows you to monitor your activities, set and track goals, and even watch your food and water intake (requires manual input). You can even sync with other devices such as sleep monitors, connected weighing scales and even fitness trackers.







And more

Since you’re trying to get healthy, a smart scale will come in handy for seeing just how far along you’ve come. The Mi Smart Scale uses a high-precision sensor made of manganese steel for precise measurement , and syncs with the Mi Fit app so you can track your progress. It can even identify up to 16 people and save their measurements individually.





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