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We know you can’t wait to try how your photos and videos will look like in your brand new iPhone 11. But before you go and do some test shots, we’ve got a couple of tips and tricks that’ll help you figure out its new camera settings, given that it has changed a little bit.


Here are some pointers to remember:


  1. Go ultra wide


The new ultra-wide cameras on the back is capable of fitting a lot more in a frame. It has a 12MP (f/2.2) camera which is equivalent to a 13mm DSLR lens and has a 120-degree field of view.

To shoot with the ultra-wide lens, tap the 1x button to switch to the 0.5x ultra-wide lens.


  1. Smarter selfies


If you hold your phone vertically, you’ll only get a 7MP selfie by default. To enjoy the full 12MP front-facing camera, tap the expand button on the screen to zoom out.

  1. Take a Slofie

As Apple calls it, activate the Slofie by switching the front-facing camera and swipe over to the new Slo-mo option to start taking a slo-mo video.

  1. Maximize the aspect ratio to 16:9

Before, there are only two aspect ratios to choose from: 4:3 (rectangle) and 1:1 (square), both of which are their own shooting modes. But now, aspect ratio settings are grouped into a single mode, and there’s a new 16:9 aspect ratio. To change, just swipe up on the screen to bring up a new row of camera settings.

  1. Record video while taking a photo

There’s a new QuickTake feature, which lets you record a video within photo mode by holding down the shutter button. QuickTake works on all of the front and rear cameras. Just be mindful of the aspect ratio. If your photos are set to 4:3, QuickTake videos will also be that aspect ratio. For 16:9 videos, you’ll need to set the photo aspect ratio accordingly.

  1. Controlling Night mode

This excellent feature kicks in automatically when the scene is dark. It’s helpful in terms of recommending the exposure time. Just tap the shutter button to see the meter and activate the count down.

  1. Recompose photos and videos

Within the Settings app under Camera, you’ll see a section called “Composition” which lets you turn on “Photos Capture Outside the Frame” and “Videos Capture Outside the Frame.” Turn either on and you can edit a photo or video to bring something back into the frame using the editing tools in the Photos app.

  1. Take Burst Mode Photos

Tap on the shutter button and swipe left to take photos in burst mode.

  1. Change Filter Intensity

With the new settings, you’ll now be able to set a filter intensity after selecting a new filter when you go into the editing mode for a photo.

There you have it! Have fun capturing new memories and make every shot a #LifePowered one. #CheckCyberzone for #GadgetGoals that will help fuel your passions. #EverythingsHereAtSM



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