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Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel are like food and water. They are essential to our everyday lives. For decades, they’ve been a staple to every home and office computer – the de facto productivity software that stood witness to our own evolution from mere students to full-time professionals.

But just because we’re familiar with them, it doesn’t mean we know them all too well like the back of our hands. Some, if not most users may find MS Office applications a tad too confusing and difficult to use. And chances are, they’ve yet to discover a number of obscured features they never knew existed up to this day.

As we deal with every .docs and .xls on a daily basis, it’s imperative to gain extensive Word and Excel knowledge to your work arsenal. This is to establish a more streamlined workflow, keep our productivity at max level, and beat deadlines at record speed.

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Here are a few Microsoft Word and Excel pro-tips that will significantly increase your work efficiency.

Sign up for MS trainings and certifications

If you want to become an MS Office wizard, Microsoft offers a handful of online courses that you sign up for via their official website. You can also score a Professional Certification voucher upon purchasing a full version of their suite online or from a partner computer store. As an alternative, you can instead take your quick MS Office crash course by watching tons of tutorials on YouTube.

These resources are intended not only to brush up on your Office knowledge, but to empower your technical proficiency as well. In turn, completing MS Office courses will earn you a Microsoft Office Specialist Certification, which will be beneficial to your career growth.


Learn and re-learn the keyboard shortcuts

Beyond the ever-famous duo of Ctrl-C and Ctrl-V (AKA copy-paste), there are literally hundreds of keyboard shortcuts that you can utilize instead of manually navigating and clicking through icons. Microsoft has a dedicated support page that catalogs the entire list of shortcuts. You can access and bookmark these Word and Excel shortcuts to use as quick reference resources.

While it’s not a hard rule to memorize all these keyboard shortcuts, it pays to learn and re-learn them. Knowing these by heart will step up your efficiency and speed. After all, that’s the reason they called it “shortcuts”.


Familiarize yourself with every part of the application

The first step towards MS Word and MS Excel mastery (or any other application for that matter) is to know the parts and function of every dropdown and icon you see on your window. Explore items you see on the Menu Bar and the Toolbar to see what it does to your output. This will also help to jog down your memory and remember certain functions that you don’t usually encounter.

You’d be surprised how many fantastic features are left hidden and unused as you dig deeper beneath the dropdowns, panes, and pop-up menus.

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Customize your Ribbon

Customize your interface to sort and keep all your frequently used set of tools on one side. Depending on your MS Office version and your OS, you can do this by navigating through the File tab > Options > Customize Ribbon. For macOS, click on Word > Preferences > Ribbon and Toolbar.


Use the Focus Mode

To keep your writing rhythm #InTheZone, minimize distractions by using the Focus Mode. Clicking this feature will prompt your ribbon and taskbar to scroll up automatically – leaving only a neat interface with a full minimalist page view of your current work.

This unique feature proves great for writers who are easily get sidetracked by visual distractions, thus forcing you to concentrate on your writing. The hidden ribbon and taskbar will only reappear once you hover your cursor onto the top of the page, or by disabling the mode completely.


Fun with Formula, Functions, and Formatting

Excel can be a drag especially if you hate numbers from the get-go. But just because you’re not a math genius, it doesn’t mean you can never be an Excel master. If anything, this very application can save you from the hassles of problem-solving and manual calculating. All it takes is knowing how to use specific functions, formulas, and Conditional Formatting.

From there, you’ll be able to ease your way in creating well-crafted spreadsheets, data reports, and workbooks for your organization.


Update to the latest version

Keeping your Excel and Word up to date works wonders, especially when fixing pesky bugs, glitches, and security vulnerabilities. Automatic updates aside, make it a point to check the latest updates and patches to ensure your Word and Excel applications are running on the latest computer build.

Moreover, upgrading your Office applications to Microsoft 365 comes with subscription-based services that allow users to integrate all their MS-related projects under one umbrella, complete with cloud-connected features. This lessens the burden of dealing with missing files and complicated data recovery. Never — under any circumstances — settle for counterfeits. Get your genuine Microsoft products from your trusted computer store across all Cyberzone branches.

In sum, knowing these tips not only will make your office tasks easier. These will definitely bump up your technical skills that can serve as your technical advantage as you set yourself up for bigger opportunities.

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