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A mobile phone without a battery is like a body without a soul.  

Batteries are every mobile device’s literal lifeline. Without it, your cellphone will be nothing but a useless piece of dead brick. 

Given that the smartphone companies and tech brands continue to innovate and improve their flagship products in terms of performance and longevity, your battery life will still depend on how you treat your phone – because the more you use and abuse it, the shorter it will last. 

Here are nine ways to maintain your phone’s battery in tippy-top condition. 


Neither 0% nor 100%

how to take care of phone battery

Draining your phone down to zero or fully charging it to 100% to calibrate the cellphone battery is a common misconception. While the said method was proven effective in the past, this wouldn’t work on today’s lithium-ion batteries. 

If possible, never exceed the 80% mark, then don’t let your phone go beyond 20% when using it. As a pro-tip, recharge your battery before it hits 20%. Draining may put your device in a deep discharge state, which renders it unable to hold a charge. When storing your device for a longer period of time, make sure to keep it within the 50% mark to preserve its power. 


Avoid the overnight charging

avoid overnight charging to take care of phone battery

Image Source: PCMag

It’s almost impossible nowadays to overcharge your battery, thanks to some advanced features that prevent this from happening. But here’s the drawback: leaving it plugged in overnight will significantly hurt its overall health, as it will only put the power cells under a great deal of stress due to over-voltage, which will then lead to degradation. 

As a best practice, charge your phone hours before you hit the sack to make sure your phone has enough juice to go on standby during the night. It’s also a wise move to plug in your charger to a smart socket so that you can set a timer to automatically switch it off.  


Dial your screen brightness down (use dark mode)

use dark mode to take care of phone battery

Image Source: TechRadar

Your screen brightness plays a major factor in draining your phone. Optimize usage by fine-tuning your screen. Make sure to dial it down in such a way that everything is still readable. 

For newer models, you can also try using the Dark Mode setting to conserve your battery juice. Studies show that going for this setting can extend your battery’s overall health by 30% to 60%. So, you want to consider switching your ultra-bright screen to a more low-key setting. 


Manage your apps and location services

manage apps to take care of phone battery

Image Source: Tech Advisor

On the contrary, force-quitting multiple apps on the background won’t do much when it comes to preserving your power. If anything it could do more harm than good, as these running apps provide vital algorithms to your phone’s system for its smart power management. Rather than closing them, go to your phone settings to review and configure the background apps that needed constant refresh. Android phones have a specific setting that limits battery usage on each app as it refreshes in the background.  

As for your location and connectivity services, GPS, Bluetooth, and WiFi eat up a large chunk of your phone’s power. It’s best to let these settings and options run when necessary (for Waze, Grab, etc.).


Avoid using your phone while charging

take care of phone battery: avoid using your phone while charging

Image Source: Samsung

As much as possible, steer clear from your device while charging, or at least avoid using task-heavy apps and games. This is what tech experts called “parasitic charging”. This occurs when the phone is using more power than it is being fed. This results to the distortion of the battery’s charging cycle and can also cause unwanted heat build-up. 

It is also recommended to put your phone to Airplane Mode while juicing up. This allows the battery to reach the optimum voltage threshold that it needs for efficient charging.


Don’t use fake chargers

phone batter tip: dont use fake chargers, buy from authorised sellers

Image Source: Vodafone UK

While it’s fairly safe to interchange chargers, provided that they match to the required voltage and current, it is still highly advisable to use the provided charger. Never resort to counterfeit plugs and cables. These cheap knock-offs are made from inferior components that don’t meet safety regulations standards. 

If in any case, the phone doesn’t come with a plug, make sure to purchase the brand’s genuine chargers. For third-party chargers, make sure to check the label if they’re certified by the phone manufacturer. Make it a point to buy these #TechAssured charging contraptions from authorized cellphone accessory stores and official dealers. (Also Read: 3 Reasons to Shop for Tech Products at SM Cyberzone in 2022)


Ditch Siri and Google Assistant

phone battery tip: ditch siri and google assistant

Image Source: Lifehack

Siri and Google Assistant may bring wonders to your digital lifestyle. Then again, convenience comes with a price. And as a compromise, these assistants feed on your battery’s power one voice command at a time. 

If you hardly use these features or at least can power through the day without calling out “Hey, Siri” or “OK Google”, then it’s best to disable these functions to save more power instead. 


Slow charge is the way to go

tip for cellphone battery: slow charge

Image Source: Business Insider

This may sound a tad counter-intuitive, especially now that the wonders of fast-charging technology are within arm’s reach. Then again, slow charging by means of using regular, standard-issue chargers can increase battery life, as it uses lower voltage which in turn, makes it less prone to overstress the electrodes and heat build-up. 

In doing this, make sure to still use proprietary accessories or certified third-party charging devices and power banks to avoid mishaps – which brings us to the next item. 


Optimize your battery (low power mode)

how to optimise cellphone battery

Image Source: iOS Gadget Hacks

Today’s smartphones are equipped with smart power settings that allow automatic power adjustments and optimizations to your device. With this, you can also tweak it based on your preferences. 

In addition, configure and switch the Focus Mode to minimize the surge of distracting notifications, and keep important alerts while you’re #InTheZone. That way, you get to save your battery power while keeping your focus and staying productive during critical work hours. 


Key Takeaway

As we dress up our phones with sturdy cases to protect them from dings and scratches, make it a point as well to look after your device’s battery. After all, it’s what keeps it from running. These tips won’t promise perpetuity, but they will sure help to extend the life span of your cellphone battery.

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