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Do you want to play more PlayStation games but don’t have the funds at the moment? Or do you simply want to try out some games or discover games that you otherwise may never try? Say hello to the Play at Home program.

In case you haven’t heard of it yet, the Play at Home Program aims to provide gamers with free PlayStation games and entertainment offers to make staying at home during the pandemic a little more fun.

The Play at Home program kicked off with a free digital copy of ‘Ratchet & Clank’ for the PlayStation 4. While the game is no longer available through the program, here are some game drops you can still look forward to:


Miss diving adventures in real life? For now, live an underwater adventure vicariously through your screen in ABZU where you can immerse yourself in a big blue ocean full of colorful life and many mysteries. If you like games like ‘Journey’, you are sure to love ‘ABZU’. It’s a quick run-through, too. You can literally finish the game in just a few hours.

Enter the Gungeon

No, that’s not a typo. As the name suggests, Enter the Gungeon involves, well, guns. In it, you play a gunfight dungeon crawler who follows a team of misfits trying to loot, shoot, table-flip, and dodge-roll their way to the ultimate treasure of the “gungeon”: a gun that can kill the past. Don’t be fooled by how the game may look. It’s actually quite hard and could take more than a hundred hours to complete.

Rez Infinite

Whether you’re a fan of the Sega classic or are a complete newbie to the world of Rez, this rail shooter will give you the illusion of freedom that is best enjoyed with a VR headset. Even if you don’t have one, though, you are sure to have some fun with this thrilling game.


Another fun ocean adventure, ‘Subnautica’ takes you to an alien ocean world filled with lava fields, coral reefs, and bio-luminescent rivers – definitely a great choice to get your mind off of the fact that we’re stuck at home. Not all of the underwater creatures are helpful, though. Some can be harmful, so be careful!

The Witness

Speaking of missing the outside world, ‘The Witness’ will take you through an open world filled with a ton of locations and puzzles to explore. Each puzzle is fresh and fun, and will keep you occupied for a long time to come. If you want to exercise your mind, this is the game to play.

Horizon Zero Dawn: Complete Edition

The biggest title to come to the Play at Home program so far, ‘Horizon Zero Dawn’ is now available, as well. Make sure to download it as soon as possible, though as it will only be available for free until May 14, 2021.

The Play at Home program will last until June, so make sure to make the most of it by getting the free games now! Don’t have a PlayStation yet? Buy one now and stock up on your favorite games at SM Cyberzone for GameLab, where there are also tons of exhibits from your favorite gaming tech brands. Read more about Cyberzone GameLab here.

Written by: Angeline Rodriguez 

Angeline Rodriguez is the Managing Editor of and an Editor at Newsweek Amplify. She is a gamer and a geek with a mad love for anime and KDramas.

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