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We all have horror stories to share–even when it comes to our gadgets. And though they may have incurred horrific memories, we’re sure to learn a thing or two from the experience. Here are some of the #GadgetHorrorStories shared by our fans. Read on!



My old crappy phone’s screen shattered after I accidentally fell off our broken sofa. So, I decided to buy a new phone worth around P10k. But after a month, the same manufacturer where I bought my phone from, released a newer model with better specs and greater features. And the price? Just a few bucks higher than what I just bought. Saklap, have I known  their release dates, I would’ve just waited and gotten that model instead. What a horrific and regretful experience for me. — Jey Cruz 



When my husband and I were in an LDR, we used to video call every time. And the scariest moment I remembered was last New Year’s Eve. Since we want to welcome New Year together, we were talking nonstop–to the point that I had to bring my phone in the bathroom to pee. Unfortunately, I dropped my phone in the toilet bowl! Adrenaline rush kicked in and with my bare hands, I reached for my phone! (Yuuuck!) But sadly, I had to bid goodbye to my phone and say hello to the repair shop. — Regi Criz



I was trying to chase a fellow rider when I realized I’m about to pass a sharp turn. So I had to brake hard that made my phone fell off the bike mount. It hit the ground facing down and blew some spark. As I picked it up, it showed a red glow in the shattered screen. It made a screeching noise when I unlocked it, as if my phone is saying something. I had it replaced and hopefully it won’t talk to me why I accidentally killed my phone. — Jan Jezreel Flores



When I was playing my favorite online game Mobile Legends, trying so hard to get lots of winning streak since it’s the end of the season, I was so in the zone I hardly noticed my almost drained battery. So when my phone died, I immediately grabbed my powerbank to juice my phone. And when it asked for my password, I panicked coz I’m used to fingerprint logins all the time. I got locked up on my own device and have been slained in my game. Double kill for that! But guess what–make it triple coz I actually had to pay for someone to unlock my device! Boohoo. — Clarissa Cuevas 


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