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The outdoors is a playground for the traveler, adventurer, creative or simply curious. So it’s always nice to be able to seize the fun times and beautiful views under the sun, or even under the moonlight — because, thanks to the right tech and techniques, you’ll be able to capture it all. 


Here are some pointers to remember so you can take great shots outdoors: 



  • Landscape Photography


Technique: Use Hyperfocal Distance to keep your entire image in focus. 


Tech: Nikon D5600  



Tech: Sony A6400 




  • Street photography


Technique: Observe the rule of thirds to keep your photo composition in tact even in a busy, unexpected environment. 

Tech: Fujifilm X-T30



Tech: Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark III 




  • Night photography


Techniques: To get clearer shots of the night sky, experiment with long exposure (slow shutter, low ISO, small aperture). For a more artistic take on your nighttime photos,  try light painting (slow shutter, wide aperture)

Tech: Sony A7 III 




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