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Summer means many things to people. To some, it’s all about getting away with friends, out of town or out of the country. For others, summer means me-time at home with the aircon running at full blast and your favorite Spotify playlists.


But for a certain few, summer is a chance to explore new places and try new things, all alone. Solo travel is fun and exciting, but it can get stressful without someone there to back you up. With this curated selection of apps (all available for iOS and Android), you can reduce the stress even before you leave.


Feeling Fly

Finding an affordable flight is usually the start of the solo trip planning. The recently revamped Cebu Pacific app makes it easy to check the prices for your desired dates, and lets you save your boarding passes and bookings, and even check in.







If you’re planning to check out a place that Cebu Pacific doesn’t fly to, or if you’d like to shop around, the Expedia app helps you get flights from hundreds of airlines. You can even bundle hotel bookings and car rentals, and earn points with your chosen package.








Stay Away

If traditional hotels aren’t your thing, the Airbnb app is the place to look for accommodations. You can choose from single rooms to expansive villas and everywhere in between. The wide range of price points and multitude of locations make it easy to find a place that you’d be happy to (temporarily) call home while you’re away. The rating system is a big plus, too.






If you prefer more traditional comforts, the Traveloka app allows you to compare hotel prices in your preferred location. You can often get lower than rack rates with this app, so it helps you spend less than booking directly with the hotel.








To-do List

If you’re still trying to figure out what to do when you get there, the KKday app offers to let you adventure like a local. You can go off the beaten track and avoid the tourist traps, and see your destination from a point of view that may not be as well-known, but might prove to be even more fun.







The Klook app gives you a wide range of options for travel activities, day trips and guided tours in many destinations. You’ll be seeing and learning so much that you’ll probably be glad you didn’t bring someone along to distract you from the experience you chose.








Install Options

All these apps are sure to make your solo summer trip one for the books. To make sure that you have a great time, make sure you install your picks on a smartphone that will run it with ease. Just #CheckCyberzone for devices that fit your budget and style. #EverythingsHereAtSM



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