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Whether you simply love the look, sound, and feel of mechanical keyboards or are looking for one to upgrade your gaming or work setup, here are 6 stores that you can buy mechanical keyboards from.


Complink offers a wide array of items from desktop and gaming devices to network devices and printers. They also offer the Logitech G413 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard for those looking to enhance their gaming experience. Aside from being lightweight and durable, this keyboard also comes with mouse and headset cable management, as well as adjustable rubber stabilizers so you can set it up in just the right angle.



where to buy mechanical keyboards in the philippines: octagon store inside sm cyberzone

From more affordable mechanical keyboards from A1Tech and Delta Force to more hardcore gaming keyboards from Razer and ASUS, Octagon has a wide selection of mechanical keyboards for you to choose from. Pair it with one of their gaming mouses and you can prepare yourself for a very cool setup at home in no time.


PC Express

where to buy mechanical keyboards in the philippines: pc express store inside sm cyberzone

Whether you are looking for regular mechanical keyboards or backlit ones, PC Express has a wide array of sleek black options for you to choose from. Their prices range from Php2,800 to Php9,200 so you can choose according to your budget. Their available brands include Logitech, HyperX, ASUSROG, and SteelSeries – names that are sure to satisfy any gamer.



where to buy mechanical keyboards in the philippines: Villman store inside sm cyberzone

Villman also has a wide array of mechanical keyboards of different price ranges for different needs. However, they also have readily available MSI combo packages so you won’t have to spend too much time thinking about how and what to mix and match yourself.

No matter what kind of mechanical keyboard you are looking for, SM Cyberzone has what you need. All of the aforementioned stores are conveniently located at SM Cyberzone branches nationwide. Check them out yourself.


Written by: Angeline Rodriguez 

Angeline Rodriguez is the Managing Editor of and an Editor at Newsweek Amplify. She is a gamer and a geek with a mad love for anime and KDramas.

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