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If there’s one upside to spending much of 2021 at home, it’s having the chance to try out all the highly anticipated video game releases on your computer. But with so many new titles to try and not enough time in the day to play them all, we thought we’d help narrow down some certified smash hits for you. Here’s our top 10 list of the latest and greatest games for PC:Hitman 3 – January 2021
The epic conclusion to the World of Assassination trilogy, Hitman 3 has you reprising the role of ruthless contract killer, Agent 47. Go on globetrotting missions, discover exotic new locations, and even revisit old haunts from the previous games as you take out one target after the next.Nioh 2 – February 2021
Both a prequel and sequel to the original, Nioh 2 expands on the supernatural elements and complex combat system that made the first game such a hit. This time around, you’ll get to custom-create an all-new half-yokai character and unleash your darkness on Sengoku era Japan.
It Takes Two – March 2021
A decidedly genre-bending action-adventure platformer, It Takes Two lets you play co-op as you and your partner step into the shoes of May and Cody – a dysfunctional couple that have become trapped in their daughter’s dolls and who must work together if they hope to reclaim their original bodies.Outriders – April 2021
A fun if somewhat foul-mouthed sci-fi shooter, Outriders is a co-op game wherein you play one of the Altered – superpowered humans fighting for survival on the planet Enoch. Take on all comers and choose from four distinct power classes: Trickster, Devastator, Technomancer, and Pyromancer.Resident Evil Village – May 2021
With so many fans inexplicably thirsting after the so-called Big Vampire Lady and her coven of witches, the latest installment of this hit survival-horror franchise needs little introduction. The eighth entry in the Resident Evil series sees you delving deeper into the blood-soaked mysteries surrounding the titular village.Chivalry 2 – June 2021
Inspired by epic medieval battles, Chivalry 2 is a multiplayer first-person slasher that lets you experience cavalry charges and castle sieges up-close while letting you decide for yourself whether you want to play the valiant hero or cunning murderer. The sequel offers faster and more fluid combat, plus plenty of customization options.Humankind – August 2021
Looking to unseat Civilization 6 as the de-facto king of historical 4x games, Humankind boldly veers from the tried-and-tested formula by placing greater emphasis on multiculturalism and adapt-to-survive strategies rather than a single approach. The game’s stunning environmental detail is another point in its favor.Deathloop – September 2021
As its name implies, Deathloop is an action FPS wherein the main protagonist, an assassin named Colt, is stuck in a timeloop that has him dying over and over until he can kill all eight Visionaries – the same people powering the loop – within 24 hours. Explore the various districts of 1960s Blackreef and plan how to draw out your targets.
Back 4 Blood – October 2021
The spiritual successor to runaway hit Left 4 Dead, this latest co-op zombie shooter brings back all the best elements that made the former such a success while adding intense new features in your war against the Ridden – human-hosts turned terrifying monsters who are hell-bent on wiping out civilization.Far Cry 6 – To be announced
The game stars no less than Giancarlo Esposito of Breaking Bad and The Mandalorian fame as the tyrannical ruler of Yara – a fictional Carribean country on the verge of revolution. While there’s still very little to go on apart from what was shown in the game trailer, Ubisoft has revealed that you can choose to play as a male or female revolutionary named Dani Rojas.

Even though staying indoors can feel a bit stifling at times, playing all these new PC games should keep you more than entertained and give you the chance to explore fantastic new worlds from the comfort of home.

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