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Getting the right equipment for your home office setup is one thing. Keeping them neat and well-organized is a completely different story.

And since this ongoing pandemic has pressured the majority of the entire workforce population to embrace this relatively new norm called “working from home”, all the more reason for us to understand the importance of observing and practicing frequent workplace sanitation.

To give you a little help, SM Cyberzone shares these few tips in keeping your WFH setup tidy so you can always stay #InTheZone.

Get Organized

For the record, there’s no such thing as an “organized mess”. In fact, studies show that an unkempt work area and unnecessary desk clutter can gravely impact one’s focus and motivation — and thus will make you less productive, highly stressed, and insanely burned out.

In organizing your home office, the key is to be as minimalist as possible. Start with the most important part of your workstation first: your computer, keyboard, mouse, and headset. Then comes the notepad, pens, calculators, and other utilities. Invest in cheap but good desk organizers or tabletop drawers for safekeeping documents and office supplies. It is also recommended to install a small pegboard, magnetic board, or corkboard just above the computer monitor for pinning sticky notes, calendar, and reminders.

Don’t Eat at Your Desk

Unless you’re intending to make your work desk a breeding ground for rats, cockroaches, and even viruses, habitual grubbing in front of your computer is extremely unsanitary, if not downright unhealthy. For one, it poses serious health risks due to a higher tendency to overeat and longer hours of inactivity – thus resulting in significant weight gain.

Since you’re working from home, might as well seize this opportunity to spend lunch with your family. After all, that’s one luxury you wouldn’t get when working on-site.

Beverages such as water and coffee are perfectly acceptable. Just make sure you have a coaster or a small folded table napkin ready for your cup or tumbler to sit on, to avoid making ring marks all over the table.

There are No Shortcuts in Cleaning

The rule of thumb when using chemical-based cleaning agents is to read the instructions before application. Use a clean, dry microfiber cloth for cleaning desktop or laptop screens. A small desktop brush and cleaning gels can be utilized as well when taking off the dust from your keyboard. If necessary, use a handheld vacuum cleaner to dust off hard-to-reach corners and gaps within your workstation. Finish it off by disinfecting the entire area using disinfectant wipes and even air purifiers/ionizers.

But make no mistake. Using the same cleaning agents for different devices may do more harm than good. It’s best when cleaning your WFH spot, make sure to get the recommended cleaning solutions for your work desk and equipment to avoid potential damages.

Go Paperless

Alongside its environmental benefits, going “paperless” provides a more manageable and practical means of organizing important files, archiving old mails or receipts, and tracking paper trails without the hassles of sorting through piles of printed out documents one by one.

However, if printouts are essential to your line of work, it is still best to rely on a trusty paper tray for organizing incoming and outgoing documents. In turn, make it a habit to archive old documents and store them in a binder for easy backtracking.

Organize your Cables

The ungodly sight of tangled cables and wires behind your workstation can easily ruin an otherwise immaculate workspace. Cable ties are a quick solution to this, although buying a cable management system such as cable boxes, cable concealers, and cable racks is highly recommended. You may also use PVC pipes, soda bottles, and hook-&-loop fasteners, should you decide to DIY your own cable organizer. As an added tip, mount a multi-switch power strip under your table to keep your plugs accessible and stationary.

Add a Special Item to your Desk

To rephrase the Japanese consulting guru, Marie Kondo, “If it sparks joy, keep it.”

Add something to your desk that not only sparks joy, but also morale and inspiration. It could be as simple as a photo of your loved ones, a memento given by your boss, your favorite action figure, or even as elaborate as artwork or poster. Just make sure to limit it to two items at most so that it won’t take up much of your space.

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