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The Gem that combines social media, e-commerce, and community

Almost every single social media and photo-sharing application on the Internet will have photo-sharing capabilities, and one other thing in common: likes. They may come in the form of likes, hearts, favorites, or different emojis, but the concept remains the same. They provide an indication that people are into the things you share– but one new social media platform puts this whole idea of showing each other appreciation for the content we put out and consume on a whole other level.

“If I had a dollar for every like that my post gets, I’d be rich.”

Might sound too good to be true, but the LYKA app lets you do just that. They make the experience of sharing and consuming content all the more rewarding by actually putting monetary value to it– and not just for influencers, public figures, or other online personalities. This app makes content generation and consumption profitable for everybody. It marries the concept of social media, e-commerce and community to create a whole new digital social experience.

How does it work? The idea is pretty simple and totally straightforward. All you have to do is download the app and create a profile, then start sharing content: take a photo or even a video, and post it on your LYKA profile! It’s no different from the way you post on Instagram, except you get to collect Gems as a reward for contributing and creating content on the platform.

It doesn’t stop there. In fact, every action you take on the platform allows you to earn and collect Gems. Downloading the app and creating a profile alone automatically earns you 5 Gems. Aside from that, other ways to collect Gems include uploading your own content, rating (a.k.a. liking) other users’ content, and having your posts rated. Occasionally, merchants and some users even host giveaways on the platform.

In turn, the Gems you collect have actual monetary value. These Gems serve as a virtual currency that you can use both online and in real life, meaning they can even be used to actually pay for goods and services both online and in stores. As for conversion, 1 gem is equivalent to 1 Philippine Peso.

Online, Gems can be sent to friends, family, and any other member of the LYKA community. Apart from that, there’s also an e-commerce platform within the app– called the LYKA Mall (which was previously known as LYKA Shop), where you can pay bills and purchase essentials like load, groceries, and other assorted goods.

You can also sell LYKA Gems back to the company, and convert them to real cash. The minimum withdrawal amount is 3,000 Gems, and these can be credited to your bank account. Do note that they’ll charge you a 5% transaction fee, so you won’t actually get the exact amount you’re cashing in.

Offline or IRL, your Gems can also be of use. LYKA has tons of partner merchants and most of them will accept Gems as a form of payment in their stores. Here at Cyberzone, some merchants are already accepting LYKA Gems in lieu of cash and credit card payments. Some of these stores include: Games and Gadgets, Garmin, Bose, Anker, and more. The LYKA community is constantly growing and so is the list of their partner merchant, so stay tuned!

The LYKA app is available on Google Play and the App Store.

Like the idea and ready to get onboard with it? Be part of the LYKA community now! Download the app and #CheckCyberzone to discover where your Gems can turn your gadget goals into a reality!

Follow the verified Supermalls account on LYKA. 

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