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2021 has just gotten started, so it’s definitely worth taking the time to see the tech trends that are coming up this year–so we can prepare for these 2021 trends, and get ready to take advantage of them!

What are some of these bubbling-under trends, then?


5G, simply put, is an upgrade to the 4G fast data services that have already gained a foothold around the world. “Upgrade”? Well, maybe that’s an understatement because 5G will be so much faster than 4G (around 100x as fast, if top performance is possible!). Once 5G becomes widespread, and of course, when we all get the devices that will enable us to access this faster connection, we will enjoy significant improvements in the quality of everything connection-based: games, virtual reality, video streaming, and so on and so forth–including applications that haven’t become mainstream yet, such as augmented reality, virtual reality, virtual medicine, and even surgery, and so on. (5G might even do away with cable and fiber-based networks–due to the advantage that the devices it runs on are portable.)

Cloud Data

In 2021 a large number of organizations are expected to move their data from local storage to the cloud or to complete said migration. Since the move to digital began, more and more organizations have begun to move their data to cloud servers–and this year, thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, this trend is only expected to accelerate. This concept is only gaining more and more acceptance, and why not? Storing your data in the cloud allows all of one’s essential information to be available anywhere, everywhere (although of course the quality of the internet and the security of data will now become overarching concerns).

The Use of Drones

Time was when drones had an awful reputation thanks to their military applications. Now–thanks in part to the fact that drones have only become less and less expensive and readily available even to members of the public–their application for civilian purposes has grown commensurate with this. And in the midst of the pandemic, new uses have only continued to crop up. Remote access to certain places instead of in-person visits for health and safety’s sake, such as during real estate showings; remote delivery of medicines to even the most hard-to-reach places; and security applications such as discreet monitoring of footfall in public areas are only three applications for drones that are coming to the fore this year.

Remote Work to Outlast the Pandemic

Linked with the increasing pervasiveness of cloud data is how remote work is also becoming not only acceptable but also ever more widespread in this time that the only surefire way to escape COVID-19 infection is to stay home. Work from home and remote work setups are being embraced left and right–making it imperative for today’s consumers to invest in good reliable Wi-Fi solutions such as fast connections, mesh routers, and the like, as well as devices such as laptops and tablets that will allow them to be as productive from home as they would ordinarily be in the office.

Speaking to AI more regularly

AI being, of course, Artificial Intelligence, in 2021, we’re all set to be pulling up and speaking directly with our AI solutions more than ever before. Sure, Siri and Alexa, and Google are familiar names in this regard (“Hey, Siri!”), but AI is fast becoming part and parcel of other parts of our daily lives. Roombas and other robot vacuum cleaners putter around our floors, and various chatbots ease our interaction with various brands without them needing to invest in actual people to chat with us. Who knows, the next time you pick up the phone and speak with someone to order a pizza, it might actually be a really cutting-edge chatbot.

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