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Ditch those basic routers for better wireless connectivity.

Wireless routers have become a staple in every home. And yet, we tend to take this useful tech product for granted, leaving our connectivity to the antennas of our ISP-provided modems and routers. 

As the Internet has positioned itself as one of the essential pillars of our household – next to food, water, and electricity – all the more you should consider ditching your basic, under-powered router. 

While the aforementioned ISP-provided ones can still work alright, upgrading to the latest generation of routers offer improved speed, security features, broader device compatibility, and other perks that are in sync with today’s Wi-Fi technology. Adding to this is the sheer convenience of seizing full control of your wireless network settings and customizations. 


How to choose the best router for your needs?

Best WiFi Routers in the Philippines computer accessories store useful tech products

Image Source: HelloTech

As simple as it may look, buying a Wi-Fi router can be a chore at times, especially in today’s world where routers come in many shapes and forms, offering unique features at different price points. So before rushing to your trusty computer accessories store, you must factor in these primary aspects to help you come up with an informed decision. 

Budget – Be sure to set a definite, yet flexible budget for your router shopping. In today’s market, the price of routers ranges between Php1,000 and Php25,000. In most cases, the price varies based on the brand, capacity, and special features. 

Specs – Price point aside, make sure to check the capabilities and specs of your chosen router (e.g. frequency, number of antennas and ports, wireless standard, frequency channels, etc.). Go for the ones that comply with the Wi-Fi 6, 802.11n, and 802.11ac standards. These latest generations of Wi-Fi technology allow better optimization and enhanced connectivity. Depending on your home usage, you can opt for routers with multi-channel capabilities (2.5GHz + 5GHz) for more flexible connectivity, faster speed, and wider coverage. As an added tip, it’s also wise to ask the store’s tech expert what router goes well with your ISP. 

User-friendly interface – Consider checking out your preferred router’s proprietary Wi-Fi management interface/app to check your user experience when tweaking your preferences and configurations. Check if the router also has a Quality of Service or QoS feature for ease of use when tweaking your bandwidth usage for your prioritized devices.

Special features – This includes enhanced security and privacy features. Go for the ones with MU-MIMO, or Multi-user, Multiple-input, Multiple output. This basically means your router is capable of communicating with multiple devices at the same time. Beamforming is another feature that lets the router direct a signal at any desired device for improved reception and reduced interference.

Here are some of our highly recommended, #TechAssured router selections that you can score at your nearest SM Cyberzone branch


TP-Link TL-WE840N

TP-Link TL-WE840N Best WiFi Routers in the Philippines computer accessories store useful tech products

Image Source: TP-Link

Why own it: 300MBPS wireless N speed 

Also works as range extender + access point

IPv6, parental controls 

Guest mode

Great for: Typical use for small to medium homes

The TL-WE840N may not be the flashiest among the listed routers here, but it has some merits. For one thing, it has great value for money. It has the basic Wi-Fi features, plus added functions that are ideal for typical household use. This router boasts excellent wireless performance. It is capable of handling speeds up to 300mbps to accommodate your most demanding online tasks and leisure needs. The router’s easy-configuration parental controls and guest mode via TP-Link’s Tether app prove helpful in terms of providing security and privacy fortification to your network. On top of this, it also works as a range extender and access point, in case you need to stretch up your network coverage within your entire space and extra devices.


TP-Link TD-W8961N

TP-Link TD-W8961N Best WiFi Routers in the Philippines computer accessories store useful tech products

Image Source: TP-Link

Why own it: Excellent security features

Works as a modem and a router
Wireless N access point

Instant connectivity via WPS button

Great for: Home use and IoT device connectivity

The TD- W8961N proves itself as a great replacement to your basic and outdated ISP-issued router. It works as both modem and router, complete with added features to ensure robust connectivity. It is capable of spewing up to 300MBPS wireless speed via 2.4GHz, which is perfect for your heavy file downloading, as well as bandwidth-intensive HD streaming and online gaming. For security, the router utilizes SPI firewalls and WPA2 encryption for tightened security against piggy-backers and other online intruders. It also has a one-touch WPS button for quick connectivity to your preferred devices such as wireless printers, CCTVs, smart TVs, and other IoT gadgets. 


TP-Link TL-MR150

TP-Link TL-MR150 Best WiFi Routers in the Philippines computer accessories store useful tech products

Image Source: TP-Link

Why own it: 4G LTE capable via SIM

Plug and play

Can handle up to 32 devices simultaneously

User-friendly access management via Tether app

Great for: Home and on-the-go use

Vagabonds and on-the-go remote workers who have a knack for striking anywhere can make the most out of TP-Link’s TL-MR150. This hardware works as both home and portable router, thanks to its plug-and-play built and cellular capabilities via micro SIM. This means you can simply load up a mobile SIM with your preferred prepaid data, and you’re good to go. It offers up to 150MBPS download speeds via 4G LTE connectivity, and is capable of accommodating up to 32 wireless devices, which is enough to share your data with family and friends during beach trips and out-of-town escapades. 

TP-Link Archer A9

TP-Link Archer A9 Best WiFi Routers in the Philippines computer accessories store useful tech products

Image Source: TP-Link

Why own it: Wi-Fi 5 (802.11ac Wave 2)

600MBPS via 2.4GHz; 1300MBPS via 5GHz

Intelligent connection via Smart Connect


Airtime Fairness for older devices

Compatible with Alexa

Great for: Alexa power-users 

TP-Link’s Archer A9 embraces smart home living with its integration of IoT-centric and smart home features. It highlights its Amazon Alexa compatibility, which allows users to utilize voice assistance when adjusting device prioritization. Meanwhile, the router’s Intelligent Connection functions automatically switch to the least crowded band to avoid lags and stuttering connections caused by network congestions. For older devices, the Archer A9’s Airtime Fairness provides optimization to ensure your older gadgets are not hogging all the bandwidth.


HUAWEI Wi-Fi AX3 (Quad-core) 

HUAWEI Wi-Fi AX3 (Quad-core) Best WiFi Routers in the Philippines computer accessories store useful tech products

Image Source: HUAWEI

Why own it: Wi-Fi 6-certified

Supports Multi-router mesh networking

Excellent security features via Huawei HomeSec

Can accommodate up to 128 devices overall

Great for: Homes with complex layouts and larger spaces

Huawei’s AX3 Quad-Core is arguably one of the few entry to mid-level routers that offer Wi-Fi 6. This, along with the addition of Huawei’s proprietary Gigahome quad-core chipset integrated inside the router, reinforces swift connectivity to both Huawei and non-Huawei devices. The AX3 also supports both hybrid and multi-router mesh networking to expand the network range for larger spaces. The hardware comes with an impressive security feature to prevent piggybacking, brute force attacks, and other means of unauthorized network access. 


Mi Router 4A

Mi Router 4A Best WiFi Routers in the Philippines computer accessories store useful tech products

Image Source: Xiaomi

Why own it: Stable connection up to 64 devices

Parental controls + unauthorized access prevention

Smart Connect features

Dual-cooling heat sinks

Intelligent error correction

Great for: Transitioning to IoT/Smart home living

A modest router worthy of the “smart” nametag, Xiaomi’s Mi Router 4A packs a solid combination of efficient functionalities and intuitive features to promote a more streamlined connectivity and better signal penetration from wall to wall. It is designed with smart home integration in mind – having a 64MB internal RAM for a more stabilized connection across all devices and smart home appliances. Its intelligent error correction algorithm monitors and adjusts signals in areas with weak reception. Xiaomi also promises up to 1167MBPS of wireless speed, accompanied by an integrated signal amplifier and built-in dual cooling heat sinks to maintain top-notch Wi-Fi performance.


Tenda AC23 AC2100 Dual Band

Tenda AC23 AC2100 Dual Band Best WiFi Routers in the Philippines computer accessories store useful tech products

Image Source: Tenda

Why own it: Excellent parental controls and security features

Provides up to 1000MBPS speed via Gigabit LAN

4×4 MU-MIMO for 5GHz band

IPv6 supported


Great for: Medium-sized homes 

Tenda’s provides great features that you wouldn’t find in most entry-level router. For starters, the router boasts AC2100 Dual Band boasts its built-in signal amplifier that’s used for both 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands for enhanced penetration and wider coverage. This is powered by a 28nm 1GHz dual-core CPU, which is designed to perform faster processing speed and optimized operation. For households with multiple devices, its 4×4 MU-MIMO for swift router communications across phones, tablets, computers, and smart appliances simultaneously. Tenda also supports beamforming capabilities for intuitive directional signaling to your priority devices.


Tenda F3 300MBPS Wireless Router

Tenda F3 300MBPS Wireless Router Best WiFi Routers in the Philippines computer accessories store useful tech products

Image Source: Tenda

Why own it: Offers wider coverage


Parental + bandwidth controls

Easy to set up

Straightforward usage

Upgradeable firmware

Great for: General use + small to medium houses with dead zone-prone spots

Tenda’s F3 is a straightforward router that needs no fancy features. It’s as simple as it gets. Nevertheless, this router takes its job seriously. It’s got great coverage with fast data transfers at up to 300MBPS, and IP-based bandwidth control to monitor possible congestions and adjust priority usage across all connected devices. The F3 features its three external antennas for boosted Wi-Fi signal penetration minus the lag. This proves great for small to medium houses with dreaded dead zone areas.



ASUS RT-AC59U V2 Best WiFi Routers in the Philippines computer accessories store useful tech products

Image Source: Asus

Why own it: Dual-band 2.4GHZ and 5GHz

600MBPS wireless performance

MU-MIMO features

AiMesh supported

5G Wi-Fi


Great for: Casual gaming and frequent file-sharing

ASUS took us by surprise with its upgraded RT-AC59U. It’s got all the same awesome features you’ll find in the previous iteration: dual-band with up to 600MBPS @ 2.4GHz and 867MBPS @5GHz, four external antennas for improved coverage, four Gigabit LAN ports, AiDisk network file sharing capabilities, and easy parental controls + wireless configurations. What makes this different is the integration of ASUS’ AiMesh, which lets users connect to other compatible ASUS routers and mesh systems.


ASUS ROG Rapture GT-AX11000

ASUS ROG Rapture GT-AX11000 Best WiFi Routers in the Philippines computer accessories store useful tech products

Image Source: Asus

Why own it: Tri-band

Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax)

11000MBPS Wi-Fi speed

AiMesh supported

Dedicated 5GHz band for gaming

Intuitive network security

Adaptive Quality of Service

Great for: Competitive gaming + multi-device/console connectivity

You can never go wrong with a gaming router, especially when speaking of faster speeds and wider range that can handle any bandwidth-intensive work, leisure, and gaming setup. In the case of Rapture GT-AX11000, it promises sheer power, formidable security, and versatile connectivity. This Wi-Fi 6 router offers speed up to 11000MBPS, complete with a dedicated 5GHz gaming band, VPN fusion, and port-forwarding to ensure network stability and maximized performance. ROG also infuses some of ASUS’ top-notch proprietary features like the AiMesh technology to seamlessly connect and expand your home network, AiProtection Pro for security fortification, and ROG Gaming Center for point-and-click control over device prioritization and settings.


ASUS TUF Gaming AX3000

ASUS TUF Gaming AX3000 Best WiFi Routers in the Philippines computer accessories store useful tech products

Image Source: Asus

Why own it: Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax)

Gaming Port Acceleration

AiMesh supported

Lifetime Free AiProtection Pro

Adaptive Quality of Service

Great for: Heavy bandwidth usage for productivity, gaming, and IoT device connectivity

We would expect nothing less from ASUS TUF’s AX3000. This Wi-Fi 6 router boasts no-nonsense performance in terms of speed, security, and connectivity. Aside from its impressive wireless speed, the AX3000 features a dedicated LAN port to accommodate your most demanding wired connectivity needs for intense gaming needs. This is paired with port-forwarding, adaptive QoS, and AiMesh capabilities for enhanced wireless performance. But what makes this router an ideal home staple is its lifetime free AiProtection Internet Security to defend not only your network and IoT devices from external attacks and threats. 

To make sure you get the perfect #TechAssured router, as well as other useful tech products for your home network upgrades, visit your go-to computer accessories store at your SM Cyberzone branch. Always #CheckCybezone for the latest guides, updates, and tech news. 


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