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Whether you’re a student or a working professional, a little bit of the right music can go a long way towards helping you attain your peak productivity and blitz through your to-do list. Call it what you will–coffee shop music, waiting room music, or just simply productivity music–it’s a great tool to help you do what you need to do.

Here we share some of our favorite kinds of Spotify playlists that have worked wonders at helping us focus and concentrate. They’ve helped us get our stuff done as study playlists and lofi playlists in the past. Give them a spin and they might just do the same for you! And what’s more, we’re also recommending some great headphones and speakers to enjoy these tunes on.

Productivity Playlists

Lofi Hip Hop

Squinting at this item on our list? Don’t doubt the efficacy of lofi hip hop at helping you get work done. It provides a gentle beat that drowns out white noise yet is unobtrusive enough for work. One playlist we really love is Beat Scene 101, which takes you deep into the LA beat scene by featuring top artists like Flying Lotus, TOKiMONSTA, Thundercat, and Nosaj Thing.

Classical Music

If hip hop and more modern tunes aren’t your thing, well, how about some tried and true favorites? Classical music has had literal centuries of proven experience at entertaining and stirring people up, and many of these tunes are great at aiding productivity. Check out this playlist showcasing Epic and Intense Classical Music.

Coffee Shop Music

We really miss being able to hang out at our favorite coffee shops and work the day away there (or kick back, as the case may be). If you’re hankering for them, too–and most especially their laid-back tunes–then check out the range of coffee shop music playlists on Spotify. Your Favorite Coffeehouse is one of the best we’ve tried thus far.

Nature Sounds

And then of course there are those who prefer having natural noise in the background while they work. Others may prefer these kinds of sounds to help them relax or sleep, but many we know–including some of us here–prefer to put these on while we work, because we find them enervating and inspiring. The Nature Sounds playlist is our jam.

Binaural Beats

Lastly, we’ve got something a little more esoteric but quite worth your while. Binaural beats combine a pair of slightly different sound frequencies into one single new frequency tone. The long and the short: by listening to it, you get your brain to slip into a more chilled-out and focus-ready mode. Curious? Give the Binaural Beats: Focus playlist a spin.

How to Listen to Them

Your playlist is only as good as the headphones, earbuds, or speakers you listen to them on. Why not check out our list of recommendations here?

Apple AirPods Max

After ruling the roost with its eponymous AirPods line, Apple has taken the fight to the high-fidelity segment with its latest and greatest set. The AirPods Max is the company’s over-ear headphone set that features stunning design, an exceptional fit, 20-hour battery life, active noise cancellation with transparency mode, spatial audio for theater-like surround sound, and more. Get yours in Space Gray, Silver, Sky Blue, Green, or Pink.

Vivo TWS Neo

Vivo joins the wireless earbud fray with its TWS Neo set. Boasting “Seamless Studio Sound”, the TWS Neo comes with features like an extra-large driver unit, three stereo sound effects, and CD-standard HD transmission for great sound. And features like 22.5-hour battery life, Slide Control and Find My TWS Neo help make it a joy to use. Available in Moonlight White and Starry Blue.

Marshall Acton II Bluetooth Speaker

If you’re studying or working at home and aren’t shy about sharing your tunes, then a great Bluetooth speaker like the Marshall Acton II might just be what you’re after. It’s very compact and styled in the vein of Marshall’s classic speakers, and features excellent sound thanks to three class D amplifiers and dual tweeters, and a subwoofer. It comes in Black, White and Brown.

Beats Solo Pro Headphones

Back to the headphones–here’s another pair that might be what you’re after. The Beats Solo Pro is a noise-canceling over-ear set to help you shut the world out when you need or want to, but also features a transparency mode for when you don’t or shouldn’t. It’s good for up to 22 hours of listening time or up to a whopping 40 hours with either noise-canceling or transparency mode off. Available in Ivory, Black, and Gray.


Last up is this set of wireless over-ear cans from JBL. The TUNE 700BT punches out deep, heavy bass that’s sure to get your toes tapping, and features 27 hours of battery life. Its multipoint connection lets you shift seamlessly between two Bluetooth-connected devices. And its foldable design makes it easy to stow when you’re not using it. Get yours in Blue, Black, Orange, or White.


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