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This racing-sim franchise has been a firm favorite of ours ever since it launched in 1997, and we’ve played it on many of Sony’s gaming devices from the various PlayStation iterations to the PSP since its launch. It’s helped that GT has been available at various game shops in the Philippines like those in Cyberzone over the years–ardent fans like us can’t be kept waiting!

In case you haven’t been won over yet, we thought we’d try to convert you into a Gran Turismo addict by outlining some of the new features of the game. Here goes!


Roulette tickets after marathon mileage completion

Gran Turismo

Image Source: Traxxion.GG

First up, unlike in GT6 where after you’ve driven over 26.2 miles or a hair over 42 kilometers (which as runners know is the distance run by marathoners) you’ll get to pick from four special cars by spinning a roulette wheel, in GT7 you’ll instead get a roulette ticket that’s got a star rating.

The star rating is maximum of six, and your rating clues you in on the quality of the car you’ll eventually receive. Watch this space as we find out more.


Gran Turismo Cafe provides an earning and a learning opportunity

gaming devices for racing games such as gran turismo

Image Source: GTPlanet

In GT7, you’ll use the Gran Turismo Cafe to check out your succeeding cars–like in RPG quests, you’ll be able to earn and win cars. In the process, you’ll learn more about each car, including, in some instances, even from the car’s actual designer.

You’ll be able to access ‘menus’ themed according to car or category, and after you finish up with particular events, you’ll be able to earn cars and finish up with particular parts of the menu.

And, speaking of buying cars…


You can buy cars in three distinct areas

buy gran turismo at trusted gaming shops in the philippines

Image Source: Gran Turismo 7

Polyphony has increased the number of options for players to purchase cars in GT7. 

Firstly, you’ll love how they’ve taken Brand Central forward–it used to be just a simple menu, but now is practically a virtual car dealership where you can walk through and pick the car/s of your choice. As many as 300 models are up for grabs–but only dating from 2001 at the oldest.

Secondly, if your cash is a little tight (and/or if you’d rather pick an older model), make a beeline for the Used Car Dealership. Here most of the vehicles for sale are older than 11 years, or if newer than that are inexpensive hatchbacks or other econocars. (But take note that the listing can change daily, so you’ll need to keep checking back to see what’s available.)

Thirdly, if you’re up for antiques or other famous and costly older models, Brighton Antiques is where you want to go. (Oops, here they’re referred to as “Legend Cars”.)


Taking mods to the next level

gran turismo taking mods to the next level

Image Source: Game Rant

If you don’t like stock and would rather go mod, then you’ll rejoice to hear that GT Auto is now present.

GT Auto’s where you can have your car serviced–and where you can go crazy with the approximately 650 aero components, 130 wheels, and 1,200 paint colors to customize your car to suit you and only you.


Harnessing tech to boost the ‘driving’ experience

Harnessing tech to boost the ‘driving’ experience

Image Source: RaceFans

Expectedly, GT7 has been nudged forward in line with the tech in the PS5–meaning that you can fully expect the driving dynamics (as well as the special effects) to be all the more accurate and, thus, even more awesome. Everything from how tires look when the brakes are applied to how clouds move and the stars look at night is dynamic and quite impressive.

Those of you who love the DualShock will be in for a real treat given how Polyphony maximizes it in this instance. (And not to worry, this doesn’t discriminate against first-timers or casual players–everyone can play and enjoy GT7.)

… and all the rest


GT7 is chock full of other interesting features

Gran Turismo 7 interesting features

Image Source: Gran Turismo 7

You can avail of license tests. You can also engage in mission races including drag races, for those of you who’d love to blow off some straight-line steam. You can also try out Music Replay, which switches around POV angles to the beat of your music. And then there’s Music Rally, which moves your race timing markers around the length of your choice of song.

Additionally, now that GT7’s launched, you’ll get even more tracks and cars to play around with in the very near future. 

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