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Think that smartwatches are only for adults? Think again. The ever-expanding range of smartwatches available nowadays means that every member of the family can boost their health and well-being and join in on the fun.

Take a dive into our smartwatch recommendations from top brands Garmin and Fitbit, and be #TechAssured!

For Dad: Garmin vivomove 3

Our pick for the connected dad of today is the Garmin vivomove 3.

Dad may work in a more traditional environment where flashy smartwatches might be out of place. The vivomove 3 is perfect for such an environment, as its sedate yet stylish watch face is akin to a traditional analog watch and even features real watch hands. This smartwatch’s OLED touchscreen display stays concealed until needed. What’s more, the vivomove 3 is fully compatible with industry-standard 20mm quick-release watch straps to help customize its look. The vivomove 3 can be bought in Slate Black and Silver-Powder Gray.

When its smartwatch features are called up, the vivomove 3 proves its power many times over. Sensors including its heart rate monitor, altimeter, and accelerometer, and fitness and well-being features such as GPS, help users track and maintain health, while a range of smart notifications help them stay connected. The vivomove 3’s battery can last up to five days in smartwatch mode, and for an additional week if used solely as a watch.

For Mom: Garmin Lily

We recommend the small (just 34mm) and stylish Garmin Lily for moms.

The Lily is simply a style standout. A stylishly patterned lens is the default view, and Mom simply needs to tap her Lily or flick her wrist to call up the watch’s bright touchscreen display. She can also choose from a wide range of classic or sporty styles that showcase a variety of colors and materials, including leather and silicone band options, to suit her look and tastes. The Lily itself can be had in Rose Gold and Cream Gold colorways.

The Lily’s minuscule size and style factor belie its heavyweight smartwatch feature set. It can easily help a user keep close track of her important health statistics, including her heart and respiration rate, stress and energy levels, and hydration. It also has apps that can help enhance wellness through yoga, mindful breathing, and more. The Lily also works with a smartphone to display SMS messages, calls, calendar reminders and can go for five days in between charges.

For sister: Fitbit Inspire 2

The Fitbit Inspire 2 is perfect for the sibling who’s into sports and health activities and wants inspiration and motivation to be healthier, and who places a premium on her smartwatch’s looks and style.

The Inspire 2 functions as a health and fitness tracker and heart rate monitor that provides users with all the tools they need to amp up their health and wellness. A comprehensive range of health features enables users to do just that, including guided breathing sessions, heart rate, and female health-tracking, food logging, and sleep tracking. It also can link up with a smartphone to provide call, calendar, and SMS notifications. You can get a free one-year Fitbit Premium trial if you sign up for a Premium account while getting an Inspire 2. The energy-frugal Inspire 2 can last up to 10 days before needing to be recharged.

The sleek, streamlined Inspire 2 is also a style enhancer, thanks to its slim form factor, a bevy of clock face options, and available accessories such as rose gold and silver stainless steel mesh bands, floral print band, and leather bands. The Inspire 2 is available in Black, Lunar White, and Desert Rose.

For brother: Fitbit Charge 4

The sibling who might be more of a hardcore sports and fitness user might find the Fitbit Charge 4 to be the best one for him.

The Charge 4 is an advanced fitness tracker that comes with a GPS connection and helps users achieve a more incisive understanding of their bodies and physical activities. It showcases advanced features such as 24/7 heart rate tracking to more comprehensively track calorie burn and optimize workouts; active zone minute tracking to determine how long a user stays in his preset and personalized fat-burn, cardio, or peak heart-rate zones; and a workout intensity map which helps him see where he exerted the most effort during his outside workouts. Use the Charge 4 for as long as seven days before needing to recharge it.

The Charge 4 is also great for style. The tracker itself comes in Black and Rosewood colorways, and can certainly turn heads with its wide range of band options, including classic, woven, sport, and Horween leather bands.

For the youngest: Fitbit Ace 2

Even the youngest in any family can be served thanks to the Fitbit Ace 2.

This fun fitness and activity tracker is for kids aged 6 years and older, and helps them lay the foundations for a healthy lifestyle by helping them start establishing healthy habits. It makes it easy for kids to get and stay active thanks to special kid-centric features, including fun goal celebrations that reward them for healthy activity, and through offering virtual badges, trophies, and step challenges that allow them to compete against their buddies.

The Ace 2’s five-day battery life and 50m water resistance allow kids to put it through its paces without needing to stop too often. The Ace 2 also allows for parental oversight–parents get to set up family accounts and create child accounts accordingly, see their kids’ activity, and approve their connections with friends.

The Ace 2 is strikingly styled to support kids’ self-expression. It comes in two head-turning color combinations, Watermelon with Teal clasp and Night Sky with Neon Yellow clasp, and different styles of bands are available. Kids can also further personalize their Ace 2 by choosing their clock face and cover photos for the app.

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