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It seems that the idea of having a fully functioning automated house we’ve once seen from the classic animated series, The Jetsons, has finally arrived in full gear – all thanks to the so-called “Internet of Things”. And with the slew of the latest smart home devices taking over the world (and every household), homemakers alongside stay-at-home individuals can now focus on their productivity and attend to other important things while these #TechAssured conveniences do the rest in keeping your humble abode safe, secure, and sufficient.

Here are a few smart home tech must-haves to guide and get you started on your smart home transition.

Mesh Routers

Smart home automation starts with strong, reliable Wi-Fi connectivity. This is where Mesh Routers come in handy. In its basic form, a mesh router is a device that amplifies a wireless network around the house. This works by connecting one mesh router directly to the main modem. This then transmits network signals onto a series of satellite devices (AKA mesh nodes or mesh pucks) installed within the area – thus creating a single mesh system to power the entire house with full Wi-Fi coverage.

Google Nest Mini/Amazon Echo Dot

Audio speakers no longer serve as single-function sound equipment for playing audio files. With smart speakers like Google Nest Mini and Amazon Echo Dot, users can control any connected and compatible smart home appliances and devices at will via voice commands. These speakers also serve as literal virtual assistants that can perform various home management tasks such as setting up your alarm clock, smart light switch, climate control, reading the news, checking the weather, and even updating your weekly schedule among other things.

Wi-Fi Smart Plugs

A Wi-Fi smart plug not only helps you curb and optimize your electricity consumption. It also gives a sense of reassurance every time you leave the house. Through automation or via mobile app, smart plugs let users oversee and access any compatible device that’s plugged in anytime, anywhere. And that’s just its bare minimum. Other smart plugs have certain features to track the energy consumption of any appliance that’s plugged onto the device.

Smart Bulbs/Smart Lights

What’s better than an energy-efficient LED bulb? An energy-efficient smart LED bulb. These Wi-Fi-enabled light bulbs are another entry point towards going full smart home. While some offer basic functions like switch/dimmer schedule, wireless setup and remote switch via mobile app, and color temp switch options, other smart bulbs have a motion-detect switch, built-in speakers, even a security camera.

Cherry Home Smart Video Doorbell

Smart home security should start right at the doorstep. Enter smart doorbells. Such devices can provide extra fortification to your smart home security. In the case of Cherry Home Smart Video Doorbell, this modern age Wi-Fi-enabled doorbell also serves as a digital motion sensor peephole, which users can view anytime through their smartphones. It also sends notifications upon the initial ring and allows users to virtually interact with the visitor through the smart doorbell’s 2-way communication.

TP-Link Tapo C200 Home Security Camera

Unlike regular CCTVs, smart security cameras double down on the usual “record-and-playback” function. For TP-Link Tapo C200, it features full-HD recording, scheduled recording, motion-triggered light and sound alarm, real-time notifications, 2-way audio communications, and voice control integration via Google Assistant and/or Alexa.

Smart Locks

Smart locks cast the burden of digging through the depths of your bag just to unlock your front door. While most smart locks share a number of key features (pun intended) like the remote door locking and automation through a mobile app, other smart lock brands incorporate functions such as fingerprint scanning, voice activation, anti-tamper, and anti-theft capabilities.

Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum-Mop Pro

Mopping can be tiresome. And while a vacuum cleaner does the hard job of sucking dirt from hard-to-reach corners and gaps, it still needs human intervention. Autonomous robot mops like the Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum-Mop Pro can cover all these labor-intensive tasks with a simple voice command or through scheduled cleaning automation.

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