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Personal computer users worth their salt have a good feel for their individual components and how they’re faring–most especially their graphics cards or GPUs. Gamers, in particular, are extremely dependent on this piece of hardware, and as a matter of fact may consider GPUs more important than CPUs.

Because a graphics card boosts the graphics processing power and capabilities of a PC, it becomes crucial for gaming, as well as for other applications such as video editing. So it stands to reason that gamers would know quite well whether their GPUs are competitive and fully functional, or conversely, if they would need to be replaced. If you’re interested to find out exactly how gamers do this, you’ve come to the right article!

Scroll down to find out how gamers can tell whether their graphics cards need to be swapped out. And make sure you constantly #CheckCyberzone to keep learning good sensible tips such as these–and also canvass for and purchase the best #TechAssured GPUs at the most reasonable prices!


It’s most probably time for a new graphics card when:

The latest AAA games in your collection load poorly

This is item zero, especially for those who love playing the latest highest-spec games. If your computer is struggling to play them, then you may need to replace your GPU. 

GPU age might be the concern. If your PC and/or GPU is/are, for instance, more than three years old, then you may already be experiencing this issue when you attempt to load AAA games.


Your GPU is about to die

As your GPU approaches the point of no return, there will be a couple of signs that it’s about to go belly-up.

For one, if your PC begins to crash when you’re loading or actually playing certain games, then you might need to take it to the shop. (There could be other reasons for this that self-diagnosis might not turn up, so best bring it to an expert unless you already know your GPUs.)

Secondly, if your display starts displaying artifacts or otherwise glitching during high-intensity graphics work or even watching videos, then it may mean that your GPU is on its last legs. (Take note, though, that there could be other causes not directly linked to old graphics, including bad VRAM and an overheating chip.)


You keep experiencing BSsOD

Sometimes, if your graphics are really messing up, then your PC itself could be encountering the dreaded BSsOD (Blue Screens of Death). 

Again, though, there could be other BSsOD causes that may not have anything to do with your graphics. So it might be best to have someone look at your PC. 

Or, of course, you could try playing a game that’s heavy on the graphics and see if it triggers a BSOD. If so, hey presto, you can be pretty certain that your GPU is behind all those blue screens.


Your PC starts undergoing GPU bottlenecks

GPU bottlenecks, what are these? They’re a particular sort of poor PC performance that takes place whenever a GPU’s performance is significantly far behind that of a CPU. As a consequence, this greatly limits the CPU’s own performance. In short, the GPU drags the CPU down. 

Consequently, when your PC starts suffering from GPU bottlenecks, the frame rate will be considerably lower, and the games you play will stutter and be major chores to play.


You’re simply unable to play games with high settings

If and when you find that AAA games just can’t be run at the highest settings–whether your GPU is fully functional or not–then it’s most likely time you upgraded your GPU. 

Of course you could drop your game’s settings to lower graphics presets to help your PC along, but sooner or later you’ll tire of doing so. Especially when your GPU’s degradation is advanced and even dropping settings doesn’t turn things around completely.


We hope this article really helps you personal computer users who need graphics-related advice. Why not continue to #CheckCyberzone for more timely and effective advice regarding your PCs? And you can also check our comprehensive range of #TechAssured graphics cards to find and buy the one that gives you the performance you need while not busting your budget.



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