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Two of the most sought-after tech brands face off yet again to settle the score on who will reign supreme in taking the top spot in the wireless earbuds market: Apple’s AirPods Pro or Samsung’s Galaxy Buds Pro.

Specs-wise, it’s safe to say that both “PRO”-suffixed models share a handful of functional similarities, mainly on Active Noise Cancellation features and connectivity. Conversely, each brand also has its own distinct selling point that needs to be tackled, especially when guiding consumers in choosing the product that best fits their needs and lifestyle.

That being said, read on and see who gets the most merits.

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Design and Fit

Apple has always been notoriously strict when it comes to uniformity and rarely deviates from its design roots, as evident from the AirPods Pro’s classic white color. Samsung’s Galaxy Buds Pro on the other hand, exudes a more flashy profile with its stylish glossy finish in Silver, Black, and Violet) color variant. Apple introduces a more slender, longer stem with bigger pressure vents, while Samsung pivots back to the usual oval-shaped design.

Meanwhile, the Galaxy Buds Pro proves to be more impervious to water damage with its IPX7 Water Resistance Rating, compared to the AirPods Pro’s IPX4. This means the Samsung’s pair can likely survive underwater longer without taking a beating than Apple’s.

As for the fit, each pair comes with its own ear-tips that come in 3 sizes, promising customized fit to their users. This is where Apple takes the lead with its Ear Tip Fit Test. This feature will automatically run upon setup via iOS to assist users in calibrating and determining the ideal tip size attuned to each unique ear shape.

Winner: AirPods Pro

Apple AirPods Pro

Sound Quality + Noise Cancellation

The Galaxy Buds Pro holds a slight edge over the AirPods Pro in terms of sound and Active Noise Cancellation. The Galaxy Buds is powered by Dolby Atmos, paired by ANC that suppress ambient noise for up to 99% in real-time, and can be controlled manually. Adding to the mix is the Galaxy Buds Pro’s Voice Detection, which adjusts the volume by 4 different levels the moment it detects your voice when engaging in a quick conversation in-between usage.

In contrast, the AirPods Pro is geared with H1 Chip-powered internal amplifiers, complemented by ANC with an intuitive inward-facing microphone that virtually captures, detects and eliminates ambient noises. On top of this is Apple’s Adaptive EQ, which automatically levels and tunes up the equalizer on the fly.

Winner: Galaxy Buds Pro

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro

Charging Case and Battery

The Galaxy Buds Pro claims this round for its flexibility in terms of charging options. While both devices utilize Qi-based Wireless Charging compatibility and regular wired charging (Type-C for Galaxy Buds Pro; Lightning Connector for AirPods Pro), the Galaxy Buds Pro is supported by Samsung’s Wireless PowerShare Technology to facilitate convenient charging on a compatible Galaxy smartphone.

The Samsung may only hold a total of 18 hours of power (5 hours on the buds; 13-hour stored charge for the case, included), as compared to the AirPods Pro’s 24-hour total (including the case). As a trade-off, the Galaxy Buds Pro offers faster charging time, which runs at 3-minute quick charge per 30 minutes’ worth of playtime against AirPods Pro’s 5 minutes for an hour’s worth of usage.

Winner: Galaxy Buds Pro

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Other Features

Both devices have their own respective take on the Transparency Mode to allow users to regain awareness of their surroundings or rejoin conversations without hitting PAUSE. Props to Samsung for the aforementioned Voice Detection feature that co-depends with its ANC for hands-free volume adjustment.

As for Apple, the AirPods Pro edges out Samsung with its full iOS integration. This grants users to connect the pair to any device with iOS 14 and later. As for Samsung , the Galaxy Buds Pro only works on a number of compatible Galaxy devices running on UI3.1.

Another feature that highlights the AirPods Pro is the Audio Sharing, a seemingly small but vital feature that lets a person join your listening party using a compatible Apple or Beats headphones – a function to which Samsung doesn’t counter.

Winner: AirPods Pro

The Scorecard

While Galaxy Buds Pro bags the win on the grounds of having the better sound profile and components, Apple’s ingenious innovations are irrefutable, to state the least. That goes without saying that the AirPods Pro is beyond superior even for a brand that’s relatively new in the audio manufacturing industry. But when speaking of what makes an earpiece a stand out, sound quality matters the most. That’s where the Galaxy Buds Pro snatches the top spot. Ultimately, both are equally exceptional and it all boils down now to one’s personal preference.

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