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As we edge closer to the eagerly anticipated PlayStation 5 release—which is expected to take place late in 2020, just in time for the 2020 holiday season and a really nice way to end one of the most trying years in just about forever—we thought it would be good to take stock of some PlayStation 5 news, including what we already know regarding this most hotly awaited console.

To date, we’ve been fortunate enough to have been given quite a few peeks at what’s coming up. We’ve managed to have taken a gander at the design of the console itself, and we’ve also been clued in regarding the PlayStation 5 specs and feature set too; we’ve also found out a little bit about its gaming lineup as well, which will apparently encompass a pretty broad slew of mouthwatering games, from a new Spider-Man game to Demon’s Souls, Gran Turismo 7, Resident Evil 8 and so on and so forth.

But let’s focus on a more in-depth revisit of the PS5’s design. Design-wise, the PS5 breaks plenty of ground, thanks to its futuristic, space-age styling that might not look out of place in an episode of your favorite sci-fi show or three. It showcases slick white and black plastic that’s touched up with bright blue highlights. Not everyone might have liked it, but you certainly won’t mistake it for anything else. You could practically hear the gasps when the PS5 was revealed for the first time. No surprise, the June reveal event was a real blockbuster, smashing YouTube viewing records—no surprise there at all.

Specs-wise, you get an AMD Zen-2 based eight-core CPU running at 3.5GHz, and a mighty 10.28 TFLOPs GPU with 36 CUs are 2.23GHz and which has custom RDNA 2 architecture. Internal storage is at 825GB and zippy because of the PS5’s SSD, and can be expanded further via an NVMe SSD slot. Take note: the PS5’s storage capacity might be smaller than that of the Xbox Series X, but the use of the SSD is key to how the PS5 will perform when put through its paces.

Memory bandwidth is at 448GB/second—data can be loaded from the SSD when need be, which will speed up boot-ups as well as amp up gaming performance. Utilizing external storage is also possible—you get USB HDD support if you’re set to play PS4 games (because, yes, you do get to play PS4 games with the PS5–almost all of the top 100 games on the PS4 will be 100% compatible with the PS5 when the latter launches; what’s more, it also appears that most PS4 accessories and peripherals like the DualShock 4 will work on the PS5, if only for selected PS4 games). Additionally, the PS5 will also come with 3D audio support via Sony’s Tempest Audio Engine; the way the company’s been hyping this feature up is leading us to believe that the PS5 will sound nothing short of incredible.

We also loved the fact that not only one but two PS5 consoles are set to launch. We’ll be able to pick from a standard PS5 that features a 4K Blu-Ray disc drive, and a sleeker, slimmer PS5 Digital Edition that doesn’t have the disc drive. The best of both worlds (literally access to both worlds).

Overall, Sony claims that the PS5 is set to “revolutionize the game experience for users”, and while the proof of the pudding is of course in the eating, there’s a lot of promise based on what we see so far.

PS5 SM Cyberzone

So, interested in getting a PS5 for yourself, and raring to make a PlayStation 5 pre-order? Hold your horses, it’s not that simple. A few days ago Sony opened registration to allow people to sign up for a chance to preorder the PS5, but apparently not everyone who signs up on their special webpage will actually get the opportunity to order the console at all; only select users are going to get the opportunity to do so. Sony wasn’t awfully clear as to how many users would get this opportunity either.

Nor are the exact price and, as mentioned earlier, the precise release date of the PS5 known. So we’d just like to ask you to stay stuck—check back with us, or with sites of your choice, and we might just have more juicy updates for you as soon as Sony sees fit to release the info.

Sony’s fed us enough information about the PS5 to get us foaming at the mouth. Now, all we need to do is wait just a little more for the unit itself to drop and for us to see exactly how good the PS5 is! We might not be having sleepless nights waiting for this console to be released, but one thing we do know—2020 isn’t going to feel like the year’s ended properly if we don’t get to take this unit for a spin before the year is over. Let’s sit tight and wait and see how it all develops.



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