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If you’re like nearly all students today, you’re attending classes online (perhaps due to the ongoing pandemic, maybe, well, because you’re doing remote learning), and you may need tools that can help you get your studies done faster and better.

If you happen to be a Google Chrome user too, you’re in luck! You can beef up your Chrome with a whole slew of extensions that will help you make better use of this powerful web browser in order to learn more, get more done, have an easier time in school—and, yes, even enjoy better grades.

Let’s begin!



Chrome Extensions for Students GrammarlyGrammarly checks writing output versus established grammatical mistakes. This useful extension offers users the option to check grammar in British or American English. While a free version is available and already very useful, you can also pay a little for a premium version that will also help guard against plagiarism. 


Cite this for Me: Web Citer

Chrome Extensions for Students: Cite this for Me: Web CiterCite this for Me: Web Citer helps users automatically create website citations across various referencing styles, including APA, Chicago, Harvard, and MLA. What’s more, you can visit the official app homepage to generate citations for non-online sources (journals or books).


Auto Highlight

Chrome Extensions for Students: Auto HighlightTrim down your browsing time with this powerful extension. Auto Highlight, as its name suggests, automatically highlights the most important parts of the page you’re looking at (you can pick the highlight color if the default color yellow isn’t your thing).


Google Dictionary

Chrome Extensions for Students: Google DictionaryEver struggled with online jargon, and have been craving a solution to help you decipher it quickly and easily? Look no further than the Google Dictionary extension, which allows you to get the meaning of any word by simply double-clicking it.


Mercury Reader

Chrome Extensions for Students: Mercury ReaderCut down on your web browsing research time by installing Mercury Reader, which instantaneously reformats the page you’re browsing by removing intrusive elements like ads, and by customizing fonts, themes and text size according to your preferences.


Block and Focus

Chrome Extensions for Students: Block and FocusWe know, working online has its pitfalls, especially if you’re a social media or website junkie who gets all too easily distracted. Try this handy extension, which lets you block sites of your choice for a specified amount of time, so you can focus on your schoolwork.


Session Buddy

Chrome Extensions for Students: Session BuddyEver overloaded your Chrome browser with a ton of open tabs, only to struggle the next day to open them all once again? Session Buddy lets you save a “session” of your browser at a certain point in time—all open tabs—and access them with just one click. 



Chrome Extensions for Students: PocketOr, if you don’t want to save just browser tabs but everything you find online, from articles, videos, pictures and entire webpages, try Pocket, which lets you save all of these things and reformats saved articles to a more readable format too. 


Wolfram Alpha

Chrome Extensions for Students: Wolfram AlphaThe Google Chrome extension version of this famed resource allows you to highlight equations or queries, and then search for answers to them or solve them. Great for engineering students or those in the sciences, but also a pretty nifty tool even if you aren’t taking up those courses. 


Tab Resize

Chrome Extensions for Students: Tab Resize

If you work mostly on a laptop and struggle with its small screen when browsing, or can’t afford a second screen for your desktop, Tab Resize can help. This extension lets you view your browser tabs as separate windows instead of tabs—helping you save a little time and effort when opening them.



Chrome Extensions for Students: NoisliWe wrap up with a quick look at a tool that’s not only designed to boost productivity but can also help you relax! Noisli produces a wide variety of ambient sounds, including that of rain, white noise, wind rustling through leaves, and so on, which can be perfect for you to play in the background while you work, or which can help you sleep after you’re done for the day. 


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