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Now that you’ve successfully built a functional work-from-home PC from scratch, it’s time to level up your PC building prowess and unlock your next achievement.

On this second episode of SM Cyberzone’s PC Masters Series presented by ASUS, Kevin Evangelista and Sophy Mapua of BrenPro TV, together with Pinoy Rig Enthusiast’s resident expert, Alvin Pacheco will walk us through building your starter PC for gaming. 


Why Build Your Own Gaming PC?

Tech Vlogger, Kevin Evangelista gives an insight on this:

how to customize and build PC for gaming


Due to us wanting to stay entertained with media and games, and also needed to work from home, building your own PC is a fantastic way to fulfill those activities, and maximize your performance per peso.” (PC MASTERS 2021 EP2, 1:51)

Building your own PC also enables you to acquire a skill set that may come in handy by the time you’re up and ready to take your gaming PC to the next level – whether for troubleshooting technical issues or for upgrading your components in the near future. 


Higher Specs Required

Gaming computers require motherboards, processors, and DRAM with much higher specs and allow overclocking, as compared to a typical work PC. This is often accompanied by high-performance components such as graphics card, cooling system, SSD, and power supply to support and complement each component’s capabilities. 

Choosing your PC case must be taken into consideration, especially when speaking of size, compatibility, form factor, cable management, aesthetics, etc. More often than not, choosing the right chassis will depend on the size of your components and your motherboard’s configuration. Although not an immediate requisite, a PC case with RGB adds flair and panache to your gaming style. 


Graphics Card

First-time builders tend to get ahead of themselves and opt for the latest GPUs that feature higher specs without weighing the merits of starting with earlier releases. While scoring the latest ones may deem beneficial in terms of performance, this, in turn, may cause unexpected budgetary setbacks. 

BrenPro TV’s Kevin Evangelista notes that the wiser choice is to go for a lower to mid-tier GPU over high-end ones, especially if you’re just starting out as a gamer:

“This is a game starter build. This is where you figure out if you’re really into gaming or just into retro gaming… and if you ever decide to go for AAA gaming, you can easily upgrade from here. (PC MASTERS 2021  EP2, 24:22) 

He adds that having a high-end graphics card for PC games that don’t require high GPU specs would be impractical. 


Thermal Paste Application

The thermal paste is a supplementary substance that is applied to the processor and cooling system for more effective heat dissipation by filling in microscopic gaps between the CPU and heatsink. The rule of thumb is to apply a tiny amount onto the processor’s Integrated Heat Spreader or IHS (roughly a grain of cooked rice), and let the pressure from the cooling system’s baseplate/water block even out the thermal paste. 


Monitor and Peripherals

As said earlier, a good graphics card must be complemented by a reliable monitor. A 1080p 27-inch monitor with a high refresh rate and fast response time is enough to suffice fluid-like movement with low input lag during in-game. Kevin approves of this:

A monitor with this size and resolution really allows you to enjoy your games, especially with this game starter build. It allows you to drive your games at really high framerates without bottlenecking your performance because of your resolution. (PC MASTERS 2021 EP2, 27:27)


SM Cyberzone’s PC MASTERS 2021 Presented by ASUS is a 4-Part Series that aims to impart knowledge on different PC builds. Visit other parts of the series to learn more:

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