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Building a personal computer from the ground up has always been part of the proverbial “geek culture’s” ethos. But for most of us, regular working-class and side hustlers, this seemingly overwhelming venture can be a little too intimidating. 

It may look complex and daunting at first, especially for beginners and first-timers. But in hindsight, it’s easier than it looks and sounds. 

On this episode of SM Cyberzone’s PC Masters Series presented by ASUS, Alvin Pacheco of Pinoy Rig Enthusiasts, together with BrenPro TV’s Kevin Evangelista and Sophy Mapua will give you basic tips and tricks on how to build your own WFH computer from scratch. 


Why go DIY over Pre-Built?

Building your own WFH PC is more cost-efficient since you have absolute control over choosing the right components. This also provides more wiggle room for upgrades in the long run. 

To quote PC build extraordinaire, Alvin Pacheco: 

Building your own PC actually offers a lot of advantages over buying pre-built desktops or laptops. But the major one is customization. You can fine-tune it depending on what you need.” (PC MASTERS 2021 EP1, 1:23)

In contrast to buying pre-built PCs and laptops, your upgrading options would be limited, since the specifications of these pre-designed machines are already structured based on general use and less likely to be “re-configurable”. 


Be Specific on Specs

The first step towards building your home rig is to determine the components needed to accommodate your specifications. To get a good balance of performance and value for money, the key here is to avoid “future-proofing” your build. Instead, prioritize the important components and set aside unnecessary add-ons and upgrades – at least for the time being.

Remember, a basic WFH PC with decent entry-level parts and peripherals is more practical than an over-upgraded rig. Ergo, it’s logical to ditch the high-performance cooling systems, graphics card, overclockable CPU, and 8K UHD monitors if your workload revolves around word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, light image editing, web browsing, and Zoom meetings.

work from home computer build

Turn up the Tools

It only takes a set of screwdrivers to build a functional WFH computer. A basic Phillips screwdriver typically gets the job done, although special tools may require at times. Having a magnetic tray on the side proves useful for sorting and holding the screws together. 

If possible and available, use precision ratchet screwdrivers, preferably with magnetic tips, to avoid over-tightening retention screws.

Alvin also stresses out the importance of wearing an anti-static strap when assembling your PC:

I would recommend to use an anti-static strap especially if this is your first time, or not really into PC building because you might damage your components.” (PC MASTERS 2021 EP1, 5:46)

For cable management, some motherboards and PC cases have cable provisions and clips but for safety measures, you can use zip ties to organize loose cables and wires within the PC chassis. 


Do a Quick Test Boot before Closing the Lid

Once everything is wired up, the last thing you need to do before placing the chassis lid is to test if the computer will run. As Alvin puts it: 

Another great PC building etiquette is do not close up everything yet. Once you’ve plugged in all of the cables and parts, test if it’s going to boot first.” (PC MASTERS 2021 EP1, 17:39)

From here, you can configure your settings from the BIOS screen and install your OS. If an error message occurs, do the necessary adjustments and troubleshooting until you get your rig to boot properly. Finally, you can now seal the PC chassis shut. Congratulations! You have officially assembled a functional WFH PC build!  


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