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Keeping your eyes peeled for a new smartphone but not a fan of ‘the notch’ – you know, that black cutout for front-facing cameras and other sensors that sits atop many smartphone screens nowadays? If so, OPPO might just have the unit for you. The Find X boasts a nifty pop-up camera that does away with the need for notch and allows for an almost 100% edge-to-edge display.

But the Find X is about more than just its notchless screen – thanks to its style, specs, and other key features, it’s a bona fide alternative to many popular smartphones, even some from the top-dog brands.

Intrigued? Join us as we take a deep dive into the Oppo Find X just for you!

Stunning design

You’d be forgiven for thinking that the Oppo Find X is all about design. Many smartphones nowadays, from the Apple iPhone X to the Google Pixel 2, boast great design; the Oppo Find X is no less than one of the best available.

There’s nothing your eyes or hands can catch on or trip over. This is a nicely curved phone that will sit in your hand like it was made with it in mind. For sure, this phone is going to need some sort of case – the glossy, shiny body is something of a fingerprint magnet and might be a mite slippery in some circumstances – but isn’t that true for nearly every phone in this day and age?

And – oh, that frontage. The Find X is is truly a minimal-bezel phone. The top and sides nearly have no bezels at all, they’re only a few millimeters thick (although there is a little slice of a ‘chin’ left, in all fairness it’s really quite minimal). If you’re a numbers person, here’s the pertinent stat you might be looking for: no less than 93.8% of the front of the Find X is taken up by its screen.

Speaking of the screen, it’s a gorgeous and large, curved, 6.42-inch OLED affair with full HD 1080p resolution. (Fellow techies will note that other high-end phones boast QHD resolution, but believe us when we say that the Find X’s is hardly chopped liver.)

Color-wise, buyers can pick from equally glossy Bordeaux Red and Glacier Blue color variants. We prefer the red one, but would have been more than happy with the blue one.

Memorable module

We hasten to mention that such a concept isn’t new. As a matter of fact, OPPO itself actually did sell an older smartphone that also came with a motorized module. This is the OPPO N3 back in 2014, which boasted a 16MP camera that could be quickly swung around to capture both ‘regular’ shots and wefies or selfies with ease. The difference, though is that the N3’s camera set rotated from front to back and vice versa, whereas that of the Find X simply slides up and down as required.

Just tap the camera icon on the screen and the top of the Find X will slide up and out of the phone’s chassis to reveal a single front-facing lens (25MP) and a dual-lens snapper (16MP + 20MP) out rear in a nod to the Bokeh lovers out there. The action happens quickly and the total distance extended is only a matter of a centimeter or so.

This is (obviously) a moving part, and some other reviewers have expressed concern about its reliability and durability. Not to worry, say our friends at OPPO; the mechanism has been tested up to 300,000 extensions, or the claimed equivalent of up to five years of usage. (While we’ve no reason to doubt OPPO’s claims, we still would be extra careful while using the Find X to take pictures in damp or dusty situations.)

Up to spec

The OPPO Find X is being marketed as a high-end phone and it has the specs to match. The phone is powered by a Snapdragon 845 and 8GB RAM, and also comes with a whopping and very welcome 256GB of internal storage space.

We found the Find X to be a smooth, slick, and strong performer. That nifty camera module powers and enables a 3D face scanning system for identity and security, which supersedes and replaces any sort of fingerprint scanner. It also can be used to help create omojis – which, as their name suggests, are OPPO’s take on the animojis Apple has popularized through the iPhone X.

The Find X also offers the use of artificial intelligence or AI as well as the users’ choice of various kinds of lighting modes to help add oomph to a photo shoot. This formidable tech helped us take a wide variety of pretty photos, whether indoors or outside (and of course we had fun crafting our own omojis!).

What’s the battery like? Well, you’ll be happy to know that OPPO’s gifted the Find X with a 3,730mAh battery that comes with the company’s VOOC fast charging technology to help you top up in no time. One charge got us through most workdays (but when we used the camera extensively, we had to top up by lunchtime).

In terms of software, the Find X runs Android 8.1 Oreo with the company’s own ColorOS 5.1 overlay, which helps you make the most of the phone’s screen real estate through gesture controls.

So what does the Find X NOT have? Wireless charging tech is absent, and we hope the next version/s of this phone will come with it. Neither does the phone have a headphone jack, so if you want one of these you’ll either need to get a USB Type-C adapter or just get a set of Bluetooth headphones.

The verdict

For most people the OPPO Find X will be all about its eye-catching motorized camera module, and that’s hardly a bad thing. But as we’ve found out, that’s only icing on top of the cake, so to speak. The Find X is an attractive, capable, and powerful phone that will be sure to garner a lot of attention – and not because it’s got a notch but quite the opposite. Definitely a conversation-starter (or a conversation-stopper as the case may be)!



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