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You have to love how on the whole, smartphones today are becoming more and more feature-packed and capable while offering better and better value for money.

OPPO is one of the smartphone brands at the forefront of this sort of change. Over time, the company has gained a well-earned reputation for offering great-value phones that are excellent performers.

Here we take a good look at one of OPPO’s latest phones, the A83, and we find out if it’s got what it takes to please today’s ever more jaded smartphone users.

Trim and Tidy

The A83 isn’t an aspirational phone and makes no bones about its status. It’s made of plastic and features very little in the way of visual bling. While the bezels are on the narrow side, for instance, this isn’t a phone with super-slim bezels.

But we want to add that the A83 doesn’t feel cheap, not at all. The fit and finish is quite good; the phone is a unibody unit that’s been put together pretty well. The overall effect is harmonious and pleasant and has a good-quality feel to it.

The color choices also help give this phone a tasteful image. You can buy the A83 in either a simple and clean shade of black or a classy and understated champagne.

We also want to bring up another aspect of the A83’s good design. It’s a phone with a 5.7-inch HD+ screen, but thanks to its slim bezels and minuscule ‘chin’ and ‘forehead’ areas, the overall chassis feels like it belongs to a smaller phone. Plus the plastic construction makes the phone lightweight, too, contributing to this perception.

And a couple more words about that display: it’s an HD unit, but we were really pleased to see that it’s a good one – colors are vibrant and details are relatively sharp, and pixelation and other issues only kick in if and when one holds the phone very close to one’s face. Not bad at all.

Overall, the A83 is a trim, tidy smartphone that might not possess the visual flair of, say, a Galaxy S9 or an iPhone X, but more than holds its own in terms of functional design.

Simple Specs

The A83 doesn’t pack too much features and power, but it definitely makes the most of what it does come with.

OPPO has seen fit to equip the A83 with the same 2.5GHz MediaTek Helio octa-core processor used by other members of the OPPOF5 smartphone family. This is a tried and true system-on-a-chip combo that enables the phone to run smoothly and without issue. OS-wise, the A83 runs Oppo’s ColorOS 3.2 atop Android Nougat 7.1.

The A83 also comes with 3GB of RAM. Media junkies take note, it features 32GB of internal storage which is expandable via a microSD card.

We put our test A83 through its paces by trying out a variety of tasks, from simple everyday ones like social media browsing and posting to relatively more processor-intensive ones such as watching YouTube videos and playing games.

The phone proved a good performer, taking everything in stride and not experiencing any lags or slowdowns. Neither did it heat up too much even when we pushed it a little far. Apps opened quickly and we could easily and rapidly shift between them and multitask.

The 3,180mAh battery isn’t a standout in this day and age, but we found that it provided just the right amount of charge to get me through one day of moderate usage. When I tried using it a bit more intensively than usual, we found myself running out of charge by the early afternoon. Your mileage will of course vary depending on what you do.

By the way, you should take note that the A83 doesn’t come with a fingerprint sensor, so you’ll need to look elsewhere if you’re up for a phone that features one. It does, however, come with a face-unlock feature, which in my experience worked relatively well except in low and poor lighting.

Decent Snapper

OPPO prides itself on its phones’ ability to take good pictures, and we’re happy to say that the A83 is yet another smartphone from this company that does decently in the imaging department.

As in other areas, the A83 doesn’t mount cutting-edge imaging hardware – it boasts a 13MP rear camera and an 8MP front camera boasting AI Beauty Technology and also allowing for face unlock, as mentioned previously – but it does make the most of it.

The main camera fired up quickly and took pictures that for the most part were relatively color-accurate and nicely detailed. As with many other cameras this one is at its best with ample light. In low-light situations, we found the camera to struggle somewhat, but then again that’s pretty much par for the course even with cameras in pricier phones.

We do have to mention that the A83’s cameras don’t come with any form of image stabilization, so you’ll need to have a steady hand and/or the proper equipment to help ensure shake-free photos and videos.

As for the front camera, it also proved alright – but the real story is its depth of field mode and setting that allows for some pretty decent depth-of-field effects. Those worked surprisingly well during our testing experience.

The Verdict

We were s pleasantly surprised by the OPPO A83. It’s a simple midrange smartphone that doesn’t have any pretensions, neither does it come with too many cutting edge features.

But what the A83 does do it does quite well. Well enough, we believe, to stand out in the very crowded field in which it must compete for buyers.

It’s a good example of a modern-day smartphone that’s quite competent and which offers excellent value too.



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