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These days, planning a trip also means having to plan and prepare for the best travel photos and videos you can flex on social media. Whether it’s by bringing the nicest outfits, thinking of your best angles, or setting specific times just for photoshoots, it’s not such a bad idea to actually plan everything out. The right portable electronic gadgets and accessories can easily make or break your travel photos as well. So, if you want IG-worthy photos on all of your travels this year, here are a few of the latest gadgets to buy:


An action camera

Because of their small design, high resolution, and waterproof and shatterproof cases, action cameras are one of the best portable electronic gadgets for beautiful travel photos and videos. An action camera can fit in your pocket and can easily be propped up anywhere, ensuring that you get to document every breathtaking moment of your travels. 


A smartphone with great camera quality

In case getting an action camera is not in the cards for you, then one of the latest gadgets to buy is a smartphone with a camera that’s just as great. More and more smartphones nowadays have amazing cameras that can capture your travels in high quality—some of these phones don’t even have to cost an arm and a leg! If you’re looking for a smartphone that would be perfect for your travels, make sure to do some research on the camera quality as well. (Also Read: Best Phones for Mobile Photography)


A flexible tripod

It’s a risk to ask strangers to take photos of you while you’re traveling. Well, a handy tripod gets rid of that risk entirely. With just a flexible tripod, you can set up your camera or phone almost anywhere, making it so much easier to take photos of yourself and your companions while you’re on the road.


A heavy-duty power bank

Running out of power right when you’re just about to arrive at your IG-worthy destination can be such a hassle. To make sure that you get to capture every moment and every breathtaking landscape of your travels, it’s always a good idea to have a heavy-duty power bank on hand. Try to get one that can last a few days without having to be recharged. (Also Read: Best Wireless Chargers to Juice Up Your IOS and Android Phones)

With these portable electronic gadgets, it’ll. be so much easier to make sure that your upcoming road trips and once-in-a-lifetime travels are immortalized in great photos and videos. Find a slew of the latest gadgets and accessories to buy at an SM Cyberzone near you.




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