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If you’re one of those folks who works from home on your laptop, you might want or need to invest in a set of laptop accessories to help make sure that you have both a productive and pleasant work experience on your laptop.

To this end, we’ve got a few recommendations regarding gear and gadgets that you can buy that improve your work-from-home setup across different dimensions. Check out our list below!


A wireless phone charging solution: Spigen Essential F302W Wireless Charger

laptop accessory wireless phone charging solution Spigen Essential F302W

Image Source: Spigen

Your laptop is only one component of a work-from-home setup that also covers other indispensable gadgets like your smartphone. And just like your laptop, your phone needs to be charging, or charged, to ensure that you can continue to use it throughout the day. To minimize the sheer number of wires that you’ve got plugged in (which can be an irritant at best and a hazard at worst), why not invest in a wireless charger like this good unit from Spigen? The F320W complies with the Qi wireless charging standard, which means that it can charge many popular smartphones, and it’s easy to use, too: you just need to place your phone on it in the right position for charging to begin.


A webcam: Logitech Brio Ultra HD Pro Business Webcam

laptop accessory Logitech Brio Ultra HD Pro Business Webcam

Image Source: DFE Store

Working from the house means having to take part in video meetings. This of course means looking your best–just because you work from the house doesn’t mean that you don’t have to look good any longer; quite the contrary. Of course your laptop has a webcam, but if you really want to put your best (virtual) foot forward, you’ll need to pick up a competent webcam like this one offered by Logitech. Touted as the company’s “best and most advanced business webcam”, the Brio Ultra HD Pro is packed with features, including RightLight 3 and high dynamic range technology to help make you look professional whatever your lighting situation, three field of view presets for perfect video framing, and dual integrated omnidirectional microphones with noise-canceling technology.


A microphone: MICKLE MM-US100 Professional USB Studio Microphone

laptop accessory studio microphone MICKLE MM-US100

Image Source: Seka Joseph

Of course a webcam like the Logitech unit we just featured comes with good mics. But if you want or need true-to-life sound in order to be heard loud and clear during your calls and meetings, you should consider a standalone mic set. The MICKLE MM-US100 fits the bill: this is a dedicated mic that will really help you sound your best during your calls. It’s a cardioid polar pattern microphone that boasts the most sensitivity at its front and the least amount at the rear, to isolate it from ambient sound. Moreover, this also renders it more resistant to feedback than omnidirectional microphones. The long and the short of which is that this mic will ensure that you come across perfectly well to those you’re meeting with.


Noise-canceling headphones: Sony WH-1000XM4

laptop accessory noise canceling headphones Sony WH 1000XM4

Image Source: Sony

Working from one’s home is undeniably convenient, but it also does come with its own set of challenges. One of the most significant is that you can easily be distracted by things going on around you, such as your kids playing boisterous games or your spouse cleaning your room. Distractions like these sap your attention and your focus, reducing productivity. The solution is simple: slip a set of noise-canceling headphones on and they’ll help make your work-from-home environment silent and serene to help you focus on work. Sony’s award-winning WH-1000XM4 headphone set can help, as it boasts industry-leading noise cancellation through dual noise-sensor technology, featuring two mics on each earcup and a powerful HD Noise-Canceling Processor QN1 that applies noise-canceling processing in real-time.


A printer: HP ENVY 5055 All-in-One Printer

laptop accessory printer HP ENVY 5055 All in One Printer

Image Source: HP

Last up is the capacity to print out documents as you need to, and not just from your laptop, so you can easily and quickly generate documents requiring wet signatures and so on. Furthermore, you might also need to scan documents and other things like IDs, as well as make copies of other printed documents. HP’s ENVY 5055 all-in-one can manage all these tasks and more. It allows you to set up, connect and print right from your laptop and even your phone or tablet; scan a wide variety of documents, cards, and so on; and copy other printed documents. The ENVY 5055 connects wirelessly to your network or specified devices so you can print easily from them. You can even use the HP Smart app to order new ink cartridges.


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