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With the LG V20, more is definitely more! LG’s seen fit to gift this latest iteration of its phablet with a ton of features – without neglecting all the basic things that make a modern smartphone a must-buy.

Find out what we mean by reading our review of the LG V20 right here!

Loaded to the gills

When the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, arguably the top Android phablet, went belly-up some months ago, it cleared some space in the segment for the other Android phablets, including the LG V20. And LG was nicely positioned to try and take advantage of this unexpected opportunity.

How, you might ask? By ticking all the boxes on the V20’s feature sheet and giving it class-leading internals, too. The V20 distinguishes itself by appealing to the smartphone user who wants everything – including class-leading power and a bevy of advanced features.

First off, let’s look at the display – displays, actually, as the V20 comes with two of them, just as a few of its other models can manage. The phone boasts a very nice 5.7-inch QHD main display and an always-on, 0.2-inch second LCD display, which serves as a screen for key information and notifications, as well as for selecting favored apps. The V10’s predecessor also had a second screen but the V10 does it one better by making it a little brighter and allowing it to show longer text that scrolls.

LG also saw fit to equip the V20 with some serious imaging and media firepower. The main (rear) camera is a dual-lens affair, combining a 16MP main lens and an 8MP wide lens, whereas the selfie/front-facing camera is a 5MP number with Wide and Normal modes of operation. The company also added in a Quad DAC system – truly powerful hardware to help ensure that your music sounds excellent – and a three-microphone system to take powerful recordings.

All these things require at least a decent bit of silicon running them. The V20’s is no slouch, far from one as a matter of fact. The phone runs a powerful Snapdragon 820 processor and 4GB of RAM, and also boasts 64GB of storage for starters. Should that prove inadequate, the phone also has a microSD slot that can take up to 2TB cards. Of course, this level of performance demands a battery setup to match; LG has given the V20 a 3,200mAh user-swappable battery that only requires you to pry out the stylish aluminum rear shell in order to prize it out and swap it for a fully charged one.

Oh, and the V20 is one of the first Android phones not offered by Google that comes with Android 7.0 Nougat. So you can make full use of Nougat’s unique features, from being able to enjoy Multi-Window multitasking, to making good use of the Android Doze feature to eke out a little more battery life, to using the iOS-inspired In Apps feature to search through the internet and your messages, contacts and apps installed in your phone. The V20 also comes with LG’s latest UX5.0+ software overlying Nougat, by the way.

Lastly, the V20 uses USB-C; perhaps something to consider if you’ve an extensive collection of older cables and don’t want to have to upgrade just yet.

Tower of power

All this goodness – you might well be wondering how the V20 runs. We’re quite happy to tell you that it’s a powerful competitor that you really should take a look at if you’re in the market for a top-of-the-line phablet.

Thanks to its formidable processor set, no matter what we had the V20 do, it managed everything, seemingly with ease. Whether we took pictures rapid-fire for minutes, surfed the net with plenty of tabs open, streamed media, and even played games (in some cases combining two or more of these kinds of tasks), the phone proved indefatigable – it never slowed down, slipped up or seized up, not even once. All in all really quite impressive, a performance worthy of a top-of-a-line phone.

While we didn’t feel the pictures taken by the V20’s much-touted camera set were spectacular, we’ll say that they certainly aren’t bad, not by a long stretch. If anything, this says more about the surpassing quality level of smartphone photography in this day and age. And at any rate, the V20 does offer you the opportunity to tamper with plenty of settings, including white balance and ISO, which can help you tweak the photo to your liking.

And how about that Quad DAC, you might ask? We put it through its paces by borrowing a set of high-end headphones and playing a wide range of music tracks just to test the feature. We were pretty impressed, the sound was surprisingly excellent; far better than one would have any right to expect from a smartphone. And a word regarding the microphone system; it records lossless, high-resolution 24-bit clips that sound really good.

The bottom line

The LG V20 is a true powerhouse of a phone. It’s a big solid phone that you’re not likely to forget is in your pocket. But in its defense it’s just jampacked with all the good stuff a modern phone should have, and then some. Give this one a try if you’re into large phones that will easily and happily take on even the toughest of tasks and which will get them all done without breaking a sweat.




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