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The Legion 5 Pro is Lenovo’s best gaming laptop as of yet!

With its great price and stellar specs, the Legion 5 Pro is truly a gamer’s unbeatable gadget goal. Know more as we look into some of the things that makes this winner of a gaming laptop so powerful:


At face value: The wonderfully unconventional screen size

Gamers put a lot of value on the size of their screen. Typically, your average gaming laptop will have displays between 15 to 17 inches, placing this one right smack in the middle with its 16-inch QHD resolution display that’s 100% sRGB with a peak brightness of 500 nits.

Legion 5 Pro Lenovo’s best gaming laptop

However, what sets Lenovo’s Legion 5 Pro apart is not its size, but its notable aspect ratio. While the standard for laptop screens is at 16:9, this latest release from Legion employs an aspect ratio of 16:10 (2560 x 1600). This allows gamers a taller, higher viewing space that grants them the luxury and ability to see more things without having to minimize and resize windows to fit within view– which is probably something they never knew they needed until the Legion 5 Pro told them so. Things won’t be the same for them from here on out.

lenovo best gaming laptop available in the philippines

Trust the process: Pro-level gaming processors

With gaming laptops, the processor it runs on is crucial and is one of the most important considerations that can make or break the way it performs. With the Legion 5 Pro, you arguably get an unbeatable bang for your buck.

This Pro model is powered by AMD Cezanne Ryzen 7 5000H or even up to 5800H that runs at up to 4.4GHz and eight cores. It is also equipped with the coveted Nvidia GeForce RTX 3070 GPU with an 8GB GDDR6 VRAM graphics card, that allows for 1,560MHz boost clock speed and runs at a maximum power of 140W– which means even ray-traced graphics will run smoothly on this powerhouse of a laptop.

laptops with pro-level gaming processors

Paired with its high-resolution display and amazing 165Hz refresh rate, the potential of delivering awe-inspiring frame rates for even the most graphically demanding games is truly something our excited gaming enthusiasts can look forward to.


Keeping it cool: Thermal coolers for the most heated games

To our dedicated gamers, it’s not always just a game. Things can get intense, and they need to know they can trust their gaming gear to keep cool when things get heated in-game. And because the engineers over at Lenovo pride themselves in building with the best interest of the most competitive gamers in mind, so it’s no surprise that the Legion 5 Pro is equipped with a cutting-edge thermal cooling system.


gaming laptop with thermal coolers for the most heated games

It is built to be smarter and cooler with the Coldfront 3.0, the third generation of its legacy known for max clock speeds that allow users to enjoy hours and hours of gaming without throttling– truly a cooling system that takes first-class thermal performance to new heights.


Play Hard: External hardware that’s built for gaming

Lenovo Legion calls itself “Savage Inside”; and with the impressive processors, powerful graphics cards, and cutting-edge cooling technology systems, we have no doubt that their tagline rings true.


lenovo laptop with external hardware that’s built for gaming

But it is also worth noting that the external hardware on their machines is actually just as savage. For the Legion 5 Pro, we’re awed with the striking hotkeys on its Legion TrueStrike Keyboard that undoubtedly allows gamers to strike hard and strike true with speed and precision. Additionally,  the insanely immersive aural treat brought about by its Nahimic Immersive 3D Audio system is a game-changer that just gives the overall gaming experience on this laptop an extra edge.

The Lenovo Legion 5 Pro is available at various authorized retailers at SM Cyberzone.

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