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Loving Kpop and in need of a few recos for Spotify playlists? We’ve got a few that we think you might love too. Check them out now!

Kpop Top Hits

We start with some of the best-charting and most popular Kpop songs to date, including killer collaborations including Kiss and Make Up (BLACKPINK’s toe-tapper with Dua Lipa) and Bet You Wanna (BLACKPINK again with Cardi B) and various other winning tracks from the likes of Red Velvet, TWICE and other great artists.

Rising Kpop Songs

Or how about taking a peek at what’s bubbling under and is on the horizon and just about to burst on the scene (if they haven’t yet done so that is)? Here’s another playlist that features a wide selection of rising tracks—from THE BOYZ’ holiday tune Christmassy! to other songs that are less seasonal but that have chart-topping potential.

Soft and Cozy Kpop Songs

Now more than ever, we need to create and maintain comfortable spaces for ourselves where we can just relax and kick back. Music’s a great way to create a virtual space for oneself, and of course there are quite a few great Kpop songs to relax and unwind to. Slip on your headphones, put this playlist on and prepare for some nice relaxing downtime.

Kpop Dance Party

But if what you really want to do is turn the energy up a notch or three, then nothing will do but some of Kpop’s catchiest and most high-energy tracks. Who can resist the energy of, say Red Velvet’s DUMB DUMB, or BTS’s Best of Me? Plenty more in this playlist, so put it on and prepare to dance your cares away.

Kpop Study Music

We’ve got you covered, too, if you’re after music to play in the background while you’re studying or even working. Tuneful songs that aren’t as energetic or catchy as dance tunes, but good to have on to help you focus or drown out other kinds of sounds.

Kpop Workout Music

Here’s a great playlist containing songs to help you work up a sweat and boost your fitness while bopping along to them. Whether you do it by yourself or with family and friends (virtually/safely of course!), these songs are guaranteed to get you out of your seat and moving to the beat.

Kpop Sleep Music

Lastly, here’s a playlist showcasing songs that are so relaxing and easy they’ll help you drift off to sleep in no time. How about giving this a try when you feel tired and stressed, yet can’t sleep—and in need of tunes so cosseting that they’ll have you catching Z’s before you know it?


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