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Wearable technology has come along by leaps and bounds in the last few years. This is very evidently the case when one looks at the quality and caliber of wearable devices nowadays. In the market for a smartwatch with health features or a fitness band—a device that can help you meet your fitness goals and take your health to the next level in 2021? If so, you’ll be happy to know that there are plenty of options in the market. 

Two of the more compelling of said options are the Huawei Band 4 and the Xiaomi Mi Band 5. We’ve decided to let these two devices duke it out and explore their high and low points just to help you make your own decision as to which is better.


Basic Specs

Mi Band 5

In terms of basic specifications, which device is better? Both devices are 18.5mm in width, and the Mi Band is a tiny fraction thinner at 12.4mm versus the Huawei’s 12.5mm, and the Huawei is a smidgen taller by around 6mm at 56mm

The Mi Band does pull ahead in terms of screen size, though, given its 1.1” screen which is larger than Huawei’s 0.96” display. Where the Huawei really pulls ahead, though, is in terms of its display and its pixel density or resolution; the Mi Band’s screen is an exceedingly dense (in relative terms) 290 pixels per inch OLED display whereas the Huawei Band weighs in at just 186ppi and is lower-tech.


Sensors and Activity Tracking

Huawei Band 4

Sensor- and activity-wise, how do these two compare? Both come complete with heart rate monitors to track heart activity and accelerometers to keep tabs on acceleration, but the Huawei Band 4 can monitor blood oxygen levels (to track how much oxygen is reaching your muscles) and also has a gyroscope to measure rotation and angular velocity. The Xiaomi can’t do either. It’s worth noting that neither of these devices have barometers and thus can’t measure air pressure. 

Both of these devices can help track how long you sleep and how well; track elevation and distance; and measure pace, steps taken and calories burned, but the Mi Band 5 has the upper hand in terms of auto-activity detection—no need to manually start the device to track your activity.The Huawei Band 4 supports routes which can be synced to it to help you enjoy your running or biking, whereas the Mi Band 5 doesn’t.


Other Key Features

Mi Band 5

We also looked at and tried out other features that may be important to you. We were happy to find out that the Band 4 lasts 7 days straight on one charge, but were more impressed by the fact that the Mi Band 5 can last twice as long. Both these devices have alarm and stopwatch functions and are capable of syncing to iOS or Android devices, but only the Mi can be set to automatically sync to a compatible phone. 

Both can offer coaching advice to help users take their exercise regime forward, and also maintain exercise diaries to help users keep track of past workouts as well as achievements for exercise goals reached. The Band 4 can provide voice feedback during workouts whereas the Mi Band 5 cannot. Both devices can track your body mass index or BMI to help you see how close—or far—your weight might be from your ideal weight given your height. 

Lastly, both are able to play music during your workout, which can help inspire you to do better, and the Mi Band 5 is able to take photos during your workouts which can be saved to your route maps and viewed afterward; the Band 4 has no such functionality.

Our Verdict

Huawei Band 4

It was a close contest, but we’re giving this one to the Huawei Band 4. Despite the fact that the Xiaomi Mi Band 5 is a definite winner in terms of its larger and more vibrant display, generous battery life, and other features, the Band 4 pulls ahead in terms of some core exercise features like its ability to measure blood oxygen levels, rotation, and angular velocity; ability to sync routes; and provision of voice feedback during workouts. Check them both out to see which one might be best for you!

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