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Most of us have gotten used to the new normal by now. It has been more than a year since the pandemic turned friendships into long-distance relationships, no matter how close we are to each other. However, this does not mean that we cannot hang out with our friends anymore and bond over our favorite activity: watching a movie!

Despite how much we miss the theaters, we should never put ourselves and our loved ones at risk of the coronavirus. That is why we are giving you a list of apps where you can enjoy synchronized streaming so you can watch movies together online in the meantime.


In case you did not know this yet, you can do synchronized streaming via Facebook Messenger. When you start a video call or create a Messenger Room on the app, simply swipe up your screen to access the menu. There, you will see “Watch Together” which lets you stream a movie simultaneously with your friends. You may also watch videos on Facebook or search for particular content in the search bar.


Discord is a popular voice messaging platform for gamers. It has a feature called “Go Live” which allows users to stream their gameplay and yes, movies, too. Just add the you want to watch from in the “Game Activity” section on the Settings menu, like your choice of Internet browser, a media player, or a streaming app on your computer. This will put it on the list of options that you can stream to your chat room.


Besides online meetings, you can maximize the features of Zoom by using it to simultaneously watch a movie with your friends. Schedule or start a meeting with them as you normally do and then click on the “Screen Share” button. This time, though, you will not be presenting or reporting so select the window the movie will be played on instead. Don’t forget to enable sharing your computer sound, too.


Source: CNET

We are already familiar with Netflix for individual or family viewing with its multiple screens feature. However, what you might not know yet is that you can also chat with your friends while simultaneously watching the same thing. You simply need to use a browser with the Netflix Party extension installed. Once you have it, go to Netflix, play the movie you want to watch, click the NP icon, and choose “Start the party”. The shareable link will then pop up, which you can use to invite your friends!


Do you want to watch movies from HBO Go with friends online? Subscribers can now share what they are watching on the platform through “Scener”. This free Google Chrome extension supports watch parties across streaming apps. To start your own public or private screening, click the “Host a Watch Party” button at the upper-hand corner of the Scener homepage. Then, pick HBO Go in the following “Select Service” screen. This will automatically sync the in-app movie of your choice.

Now, you can enjoy quality time together even when you are miles and time zones apart. All that is left to do is to schedule your movie night and prepare some popcorn! Hopefully, virtual hangouts like this will help you get through what seems to be a never-ending pandemic.

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Written by: Angeline Rodriguez 

Angeline Rodriguez is the Managing Editor of and an Editor at Newsweek Amplify. She is a gamer and a geek with a mad love for anime and KDramas.

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