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So you’ve decided to finally cave and get your own mechanical keyboard after seeing everyone else invest lots of money and time into this tech trend. Buying your first mechanical keyboard isn’t as easy as getting a new mouse or headset, though. Because it’s highly customizable, there are a lot of factors to consider when getting your first one.

Here are a few tips on how you can choose your first mechanical keyboard:

1. Decide on your budget

Just like everything else, deciding on your budget is the first step toward finding the right mechanical keyboard for you. There is a wide variety of mechanical keyboards for every budget, which differ in function, size, and customizability. So, deciding on how much you want to shell out for your first mechanical keyboard will really help you figure out what you really want.


2. Decide on the size

Mechanical keyboards come in different sizes with layouts differing in the number of keys, the keyboard’s functionality, and other additional features.

If you want all of the keyboard features, including the number pad, function keys, and dedicated arrow keys; you can go for a full-sized keyboard (100%). This is also recommended for those who work with lots of numbers/data at work.

If you want something more compact and you really only care about the letter keys, then you might want to look into the 75% or 65% keyboards, which may or may not include the function keys.


3. Do your research on switches

Most of your time spent on research might be focused more on the switches because there are a lot of them to choose from. These switches can also make or break the mechanical keyboard of your dreams.

The different types of switches will change the feel of the keys when you press them. It also greatly affects the overall sound of your mechanical keyboard. So make sure you do your research on how you’d like your keyboard to sound and feel. It would also be smart to ask on online forums or ask your friends who already have one.


4. Look up sound tests

Jumping off from that, you should also spend some time going through various sound tests online. You can find a wide variety of sound tests of keyboards with different switches. If you find one (or two) that you like, then you’re one step closer to finding the best first mechanical keyboard for you.


5. Consider customized keycaps

One of the great things about mechanical keyboards is their customizability. Even if you don’t build your own keyboard from scratch, you can still add your own style to it through keycaps. Fortunately, you can find lots of keycap designs online nowadays. Even if you don’t find a set that you like, you can check out custom-made keycaps, too.

The beauty of mechanical keyboards is that you’ll most definitely fall in love with mixing and matching switches, keycaps, and boards. So, congratulations on your first mechanical keyboard—you’ll probably be on the market soon for a different set of switches or keycaps, just because. (Also Read: Where to Buy Cool Mechanical Keyboards)

For a wide variety of mechanical keyboards, visit SM Cyberzone! The best part is that you can test and experience these keyboards in person before purchasing them to ensure you get one that you really love.



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