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The PlayStation 5 is of course one of the most exciting gaming consoles to hit the market in years. But it’s not just the PS5 itself that’s causing a stir–its accessories are equally awesome. Because these PS5 accessories can really enhance a PS5 gamer’s experience, they really are worth a look-see.

Step right up and check out some of the coolest accessories available for the PS5!

DualSense Controller
The PS5’s DualSense Controller is a definite improvement to the beloved DualShock 4 controller. Style-wise, it’s a standout thanks to its white-and-black color combination, and its surface has a grippy texture to boost user control and comfort. The DualSense Controller showcases state-of-the-art features like a powerful new upgraded haptic feedback engine that is leaps and bounds ahead of the old rumble feature; adaptive triggers that offer different degrees of tension when pressed; and a built-in microphone and 3.5mm headset jack too. Make sure you get more than one if you plan to play multiplayer games!

HD Camera
Are you game to record yourself enjoying your PS5, and/or do you want to use PlayStation VR? Well, then, the HD Camera is definitely for you. Its power features include dual wide-angle lenses allowing 1080p image and video capture, and a built-in stand which gives you flexibility in positioning (above or below your TV? The stand will support you whichever you choose). You’ll also be happy to know that the included background-removal tools allow you to make sure that you share only your gaming experience and nothing else.

3D Wireless Headset
Since the PS5 has been acclaimed for the quality of the sound it pumps out, a great headset is a must. (And, sure, the DualSense Controller does come with an audio jack in case you want to use a wired headset, but once you try wireless you most probably won’t want to go back.) The stylish 3D Wireless Headset is perfectly tuned for 3D audio thanks to hidden dual noise-cancelling microphones. A built-in mic mute and master volume help you adjust audio and chat settings directly on the headset itself. Furthermore, its battery lasts for up to 12 hours in one go, and it can be used with PlayStation VR.

DualSense Charging Station
The DualSense Charging Station allows you to top up your DualSense Controllers in between bouts of gaming. While of course you can charge your Controllers via the PS5’s USB ports, the Charging Station helps free those ports up for other uses. It also allows for quick and easy charging of up to two Controllers in one go. Just drop your depleted Controller into the Charging Station’s dock and you’re all set. Hey, if you’re a solo gamer and have two Controllers, the Charging Station can be a perfect way to ensure uninterrupted gaming–drop one Controller in when it needs to be charged and then pick up the other one immediately.

Media Remote
The PS5 isn’t just a topnotch gaming console, it’s also a terrific way to stream or play a pretty expansive range of media. The Media Remote is small but powerful and comes complete with play/pause, fast-forward and fast-reverse buttons. What’s more, it also has dedicated buttons for Netflix, YouTube, Disney+ and Spotify. You can even use the Media Remote to activate your PS5 and then make your way through menus so you can start enjoying your media immediately. Lastly, the Remote can also be used to adjust the power and volume settings of compatible TVs.


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