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Today’s audiophiles and gamers are really spoiled for choice, especially when it comes to sound. They can revel in a wide range of both headsets and headphones to allow them to enjoy their games and tunes privately. What’s more, they can head to trusted shopping destinations like SM Cyberzone, where they can explore the full range of genuine #TechAssured headsets and headphones–anything related to tech and gadgets, as a matter of fact.

But we’re getting ahead of ourselves. Let’s head back to the basics. Many people may not really know the difference between headsets and headphones. Moreover, some folks may actually think that both terms refer to the same devices. This couldn’t be further from the truth, as headsets are quite different from headphones! 

In this article, we make the distinction between headsets and headphones. Read on!


Headphone 101

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Image Source: Conde Nast Traveler

In and of themselves, headphones are simple devices: they consist of two small speakers that are linked via a solid band. The speakers themselves aren’t all that tiny, because they’re designed to sit on top of or cover the listeners’ ears, and thus are almost always padded or otherwise incorporate comfortable materials. As for the band, it’s designed to sit on top of (or, in some cases, behind) the user’s head, and it thus has the dual purpose of holding the speakers in place and keeping them firmly albeit comfortably clamped, to guarantee great sound quality.

It’s important to note that headphones don’t incorporate mics. This is the biggest differentiator between headphones and headsets. Consequently, there’s no way you can take and make calls or record audio with headphones. 

This means that headphones would appeal more to audiophiles or movie-watchers, for instance–those whose main purpose in using headphones is to simply listen to music or enjoy the sound that goes with their videos or movies. And because of this, some headphones sound far better than headsets do. Headphones are, after all, created to focus on one thing and one thing alone: sound quality, and some of them do so quite excellently. If you need to speak with someone or record audio, you’ll need a headset instead.

Lastly, for this segment at least, it’s important to realize that headphones can be wired (they can be plugged into your device using a physical connector, like a 3.5mm audio jack or Lightning connector, in the case of various Apple devices) or wireless and linkable with your device of choice via Bluetooth. (Some units even come with detachable cables as well as rechargeable batteries.)


Headset basics

authentic and high quality headsets for sale in the philippines

Image Source: Engadget

As for headsets, well, they can be visualized as ‘headphones with microphones’. Just as headphones do, headsets consist of small speakers and a band or link that stabilizes them, but they also have a microphone too. Depending on the particular brand and model of headset, said mic can be either permanently attached or removable.

In some cases, depending on the mic’s size, it can make a headset a little less portable than a headphone. Some units that have large, high-quality mics are bulky as a consequence, and can thus be harder to carry around than headphones. (They might require a special protective case to stave off damage, making them even more cumbersome to cart around.) That being said, there are headsets with small, compact mics that are integrated into their wiring; these may be far easier to carry around than headsets with dedicated mic booms, but in general their mics are less powerful and can’t register sound as clearly or record it as faithfully.

Because headsets have mics, they can be used to do more things than headphones can. Gamers can use them to chat with their buddies while they play; working folks like BPO or call center staff can use them for VoIP or Zoom calls. The included mic lends headsets a little more flexibility in terms of what users can do with them.

Wireless headsets do exist, but for the most part these are those headsets mentioned earlier, with mics built into the wiring. For higher-quality calls, you’d need the headsets with better mics, which are almost always found in wired headsets.

There you have it–the difference between headsets and headphones. Feel free to #CheckCyberzone and take your pick from the leading range of headsets and headphones available there. And make sure to get your money’s worth by buying only genuine accessories from reputable retailers like those in SM Cyberzone.


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