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In this day and age, where more and more peopleincluding childrenand connected devices are linking up via Wi-Fi and doing more than ever online, routers have to do more than just provide an internet connection. They also need to ensure privacy and security. 

Gryphon’s Guardian and Tower are state-of-the-art mesh Wi-Fi security routers and parental control systems that meet even the most pressing needs for home online security. Check them out!

The Gryphon Guardian: affordable security

The Guardian is touted as the most affordable advanced security and parental control system available on the market today.

The Guardian may be just 4in (width) x 4in (length) x 2in (height), but it can offer up to 1,800 square feet of Wi-Fi coverage thanks to its AC1200 802.11 bg n/AC true mesh Wi-Fi connection and simultaneous dual-band radios (2.4GHz and 5GHz). It can provide internet speeds of up to 550 Mbps. Two internal high-powered antennas help ensure good signal coverage, and antenna beamforming helps focus Wi-Fi signal in the specific direction of connected devices to help improve their data connection.


This is a 2×2 multi-user (MU) MIMO router, which means that it’s able to connect with several devices simultaneously through two bandwidth streams, allowing each connected device to enjoy faster service.

The Guardian also protects every connected device from hackers and malware through intelligent intrusion detection and malware filtering powered by ESET Technology. It actively scans the network for vulnerabilities and even provides ad blocking as necessary. It also boasts topnotch parental control features, including app management, web search and content filtering, screen time management, and a block VPN.

The Guardian is also very versatile. One can be used as a standalone unit, while two or more can be combined to provide seamless Wi-Fi mesh coverage, or used as a mesh-compatible expansion unit to complement an existing Gryphon router. Each Guardian incorporates one WAN and one Gigabit LAN port and is Ethernet backhaul ready to allow for connection via Ethernet cables.

The Gryphon Tower: connectivity and security step-up

For larger households that have more devices to connect and/or which have more sophisticated connectivity and security needs, the Tower might be the better bet.

The Tower has a larger chassis than the Guardian–it measures 4in (width) x 4in (length) x 10in (height). This allows it to mount as many as six high-power internal antennas, enabling it to serve more devices and users. 

The Tower is an AC3000 tri-band (2.4Ghz and two 5Ghz radios) router which provides coverage of up to 3,000 square feet and can manage internet speeds of as high as 1.3Gbps. It further improves on the Guardian’s 2×2 MU-MIMO technology with its 4×4 MU-MIMO tech and thus offers access to four bandwidth streams. It comes with beamforming support to concentrate the Wi-Fi signal where it’s needed most. It also features Ethernet backhaul to take some of the load off of wireless usage.

Also, like the Guardian, a single Tower can be used by its lonesome or can also be used with another Tower or more as part of a mesh Wi-Fi system. 

Lastly, the Tower also comes complete with all of the powerful security and parental control features that the Guardian possesses.

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