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Gaming has always been a part of many people’s lives. When the pandemic started, however; there was a sudden surge in gaming-related activities with many people all over the world turning to gaming to stay entertained at home. In fact, according to Statista, there was a 44 percent total increase in game sales during the first week of the pandemic alone.

Although years have already passed since then, it has become clear that gaming has become a steady part in people’s lives with more streamers and casual gamers joining the growing community. Due to this boom of the gaming industry, it isn’t surprising if you have questions as to how to maximize your gaming lifestyle.

It would even make sense if you’re considering investing in a more powerful gaming unit that can handle the latest game releases. While there are always new and great options you can consider from well-known tech brands, the age-old question remains: is it better to get a gaming laptop or a desktop PC for gaming?

If you’re planning on purchasing a new unit soon, this guide might help you decide:


If you are a gamer, is it better to play on a laptop or a PC?

is it better to play on a laptop or a PC

Image Source: Dot Esports

Because of how easily customizable and upgradeable their design is, you can create a customized desktop PC with limitless options that can handle the power that you personally need. While the same goes for gaming laptops, it can get quite pricey going down this route.

Generally, the biggest difference between playing games on a laptop compared to playing games on a desktop PC would be the portability that comes with it.

So, to answer the question simply, if you are constantly on the go and what to ensure that you have a gaming station to play on wherever you go, then a gaming laptop might be a better choice for you. Conversely, if you want to prioritize building a custom rig according to the specs you need, then a desktop PC would be the better choice.


Is it necessary to have a gaming laptop just to play PC games?

deals for gaming laptops in the philippines

Image Source: MSI

While it’s not technically necessary to have a gaming laptop just to play PC games, it would definitely be an advantage to have one. Not only will you be able to separate your gaming life from your school life or work life this way, but you’ll also get to maximize each gaming session since gaming laptops are built differently than those built for productivity at school or work.

Gaming laptops have faster processors that are more powerful in order to handle the specs of the games you want to play. They also have more RAM and come with advanced cooling mechanisms that will make your gaming experience smoother and hassle-free. (Check our related article titled: Gaming Setup for Beginners)


Does playing games damage computers and laptops?

playing games on computer and laptops

Image Source: Valorant

Many gamers worry that playing games on their computers and laptops might damage them because of how much power games usually need in order to be played smoothly. Well, you can rest easy because games don’t actually damage your devices.

While your system will need to use more power to run games and will, in turn, work harder release more heat, safeguards exist to keep themselves safe. This is why keeping your system cool is one of the most important things to consider when gaming.

Honestly, the only thing that might damage your computer or laptop when you play games is overclocking. This is when you run it at a higher speed than it is intended to run. When this is done over a prolonged amount of time, your computer or laptop might slow itself down in order to keep up with your requirements. If it becomes too intense, it might shut itself down to protect itself. Again, this can be avoided by making sure your device stays cool at all times.

Conversely, you can switch to a gaming PC or a gaming laptop. These products are specifically designed to handle the heavy tasks that come with playing video games. Aside from having better specs than regular computers, many gaming PCs and gaming laptops also have special features that are just for playing games.

Of course, while your computer or laptop might be safe while playing games, you may still want to keep a close eye on your gaming accessories. These are usually the products that will experience a lot of wear and tear in the world of gamers. You could wear out your keycaps or your mouse from excessive or intense use, for example.


Is a gaming laptop specifically designed for games only?

laptop gaming setup

Image Source: Pinterest

Although they are called gaming laptops, they aren’t just made for gaming. They are definitely built with gaming in mind with more powerful processors and specs, but they are also great option for creatives and other digital work that requires extra power and extra space. Some of the digital work that can be done flawlessly with a gaming laptop include video and photo editing, 3D rendering, and design.

The bottom line is that both gaming desktop PCs and gaming laptops have their advantages. When it comes to choosing between the two, it only boils down to your needs and what aspect you’d like to prioritize.


Written by: Angeline Rodriguez 

Angeline Rodriguez is the Managing Editor of When In Manila and an Editor at Newsweek Amplify. She is a gamer and a geek with a mad love for anime and KDramas.

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