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Stuck at home, and worrying about the effect it’s having on your health? No need to fret. There are quite a few gadgets available nowadays that can help you take your fitness to new heights while home. Here are some of the ones we can recommend to help you stay fit and be #TechAssured while you’re at it!

Mi Walking Pad A1 Pro

Among other things, walks are excellent for giving you a gentle yet thorough workout and helping you maintain or build your muscle tone. Investing in a Mi Walking Pad A1 Pro can help you enjoy the health benefits of a nice long walk from the comfort and safety of your home.

The Walking Pad A1 features a powerful yet quiet upgraded brushless motor that keeps noise to a minimum whether you walk slowly or briskly. It comes with a remote to help manage speed, as well as multiple security features including a speed limit and a child lock function. Optional safety handrails further ensure users’ safety and comfort.

The Walking Pad A1’s bright and transparent LED panel provides optimum lighting and clearly displays data whatever time you choose to walk. It’s also a compact unit that’s all of 12.9cm thick, making it ideal for storage in tight living quarters after you’re done using it.

RealMe Watch S Pro

A smartwatch, especially a powerful, versatile one like the RealMe Watch S Pro, makes an excellent fitness tracking device–and a very useful companion for home exercise.

The Watch S Pro’s large AMOLED Pro Display boasts high brightness and resolution and can offer excellent visuals of your exercise-related information at a glance, including exercises and sports you can engage in while just at home. These include spinning, indoor walking, yoga, strength training, free workouts, and even swimming if you’re lucky enough to have an indoor pool in your house.

But that’s far from all, as the Watch S Pro canalso provide crucial health-focused information such as real-time heart rate and blood oxygen levels. It can also offer intelligent reminders of other things you need to do to maintain your health, such as drink water and stand up and move when you’ve been sedentary for too long.

Apple AirPods Pro

If you’re the kind of home athlete who prefers to groove to your favorite beats while you exercise, then a great headphone set like the Apple AirPods Pro is right up your alley.

The pure-white AirPods Pro is renowned for its visual appeal and sound quality, delivering powerful bass and pure, clear sound. It also features Active Noise Cancellation for true immersiveness to help you blitz through your workout regime. But if you need to listen to your surroundings, you can activate the set’s transparency mode so it won’t drown out external noise.

The AirPods Pro was also designed with comfort in mind. A customizable fit helps ensure comfort no matter how long you use them. The headphones’ internal taper helps them conform to the shape of your ear, while three sizes of flexible silicone tips help you achieve that perfect fit.

HUAWEI Freelace

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If wireless earbuds don’t do it for you and you prefer a headphone set in which the earbuds are linked by wires, then HUAWEI’s FreeLace might be your set of choice.

The FreeLace provides powerful bass and melodious treble thanks to features such as its 9.2mm dynamic driver unit, ultra-thin TPU diaphragm and titanium plating. Highly efficient lithium batteries ensure that your FreeLace won’t run out of juice before you do; it can go for as long as 18 hours on one charge. A built-in USB Type-C plug and HUAWEI HiPair technology allow you to plug your phone in to recharge if you need to. The FreeLace can last for four hours after being charged for just five minutes.

Available in your choice of Graphite Black, Amber Sunrise and Emerald Green, the FreeLace is guaranteed to stand out even at home.

Mi Body Composition Scale

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A gadget like the Mi Body Composition Scale is a must-buy during these times.

The Body Composition Scale can provide accurate body composition statistics that, taken together, can provide a realistic image of your health and fitness. These include weight, muscle mass, body mass index, body fat, bone mass, visceral fat, and basal metabolism. Additionally, the Scale incorporates a personal planner and syncs your data to the Mi Fit app to allow you to track your data in just one easy-to-read graph, making it a cinch to track your progress. Plus, the Scale intelligently stores up to 16 user profiles, making it useful not only for you but for your entire family as well.

The efficient Body Composition Scale uses low-energy Bluetooth 4.0 technology, and can last as long as eight months on four standard AAA batteries. It boasts a sleek, slim design that’s just 14.75mm at its thinnest point. The Scale is available in a beautiful pure white finish.

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