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It goes without saying: 2020 is a year unlike any other. It has given us a new perspective in life, extra consciousness towards our health as well as our surroundings, and it’s forced us to change our lifestyles to adapt to a (not so) new normal.

The things we value have changed and we’re made to gain a new outlook as to what truly matters. For most of us, it is about being able to find comfort within our homes, coupled with a lot of self-care. With the help of SM Cyberzone, we can equip ourselves with tech and gadget upgrades that make this exciting. This holiday season, here are some of the best gadget gifts to buy so you can reward yourself and make embracing this norm easier.


1. A better (internet) connection: PLDT Home Wi-Fi

Now that you are spending time at home more than you ever used to, you have to be able to stay connected to your loved ones and the outside world with ease… and no lag! Which is why it is the perfect time to give your home that much-needed wi-fi upgrade.PLDT Home Wi-Fi gadgets to buy yourselfPLDT Home’s Unli Fibr Plan 2999 gives you speeds up to 100 Mbps and even comes with a landline number that allows you unlimited calls to any PLDT landline.

Besides getting connected with people, a reliable internet connection like this is also perfect for me-time because it gives you fast Ultra HD streaming and online gaming.

Also available: Unli Fibr Plan 1299, Plan 1699, and Plan 2399– all with varying speeds.


2. A smarter way to clean: Lenovo Robot Vacuum Cleaner

One less task to do around the house means more time for you to focus on more important things, or better yet, more time for you to relax and unwind.Lenovo Robot Vacuum Cleaner gadgets to buy yourselfThe Lenovo E1 D450 Robot Vacuum Cleaner automatically sweeps the floor for you and is equipped with an automatic dirt disposal system for neat and easy discarding of accumulated dust. It even comes with a mop function so your floors can be squeaky clean! 

And if that isn’t smart enough for you just yet, it also has wi-fi connectivity that allows control and customization through Amazon’s Alexa or the Google Assistant app where you can set a timer and even map patterns for different rooms.

Bonus: At P9,990, it’s one of the more affordable robot vacuum options in the market.


3. The ability to breathe easy: Mi Air Purifier 3H

Sanitation devices are all the rage these days, and for good reason. Air purifiers cleanse the air in your home, making sure it’s free from dust, bacteria, and even viruses.Mi Air Purifier 3H gadgets to buy yourselfXiaomi is known to deliver innovative and excellent quality products that are as easy on the eyes as they are on the pocket, and their air purifiers prove it. Not only do they employ sleek designs, the prices are also competitive; with tabletop units priced as low as P2,399 and full-sized standing units like the Mi Air Purifier 3H at P8,990.

It’s equipped with everything you need in a purifier and more– including Google Assistant app support and AI voice control.


4. A partner in fitness and in health: Huawei Watch Fit 

Health is the concern that has driven change in our lifestyles. So aside from observing all the proper safety protocols out there, it’s also important to watch out for our health in a more general and overall manner.

Huawei Watch Fit gadgets to buy yourselfWith the Huawei Watch Fit, doing that is made easier. This smart watch is equipped with a multitude of ways to track health and wellness: 24-Hour Heart Rate Monitoring, Oxygen Saturation Detection, HUAWEI TruSleep 2.0 and TruRelax sleep and stress tracking technologies, and even a period cycle tracker for women.

Aside from its health tracking capabilities, it also motivates your fitness goals with its 96 workout modes– from professional sports to custom workouts. It’s your very own private trainer on your wrist. If you need even more convincing, learn more about the many other benefits of a smartwatch

The Huawei Watch Fit retails for P4,999.


5. Time to Switch Off Work: Nintendo Switch

Between WFH and all the housekeeping, people can tend to forget about rest. Staying home all the time can blur the lines between work and play and sometimes, things can also get a little too routinary. But it’s important to take a break and make time for relaxing and unwinding, because we all could use a switch– a Nintendo Switch, that is. (Are you up for using them to help reach your financial goals? Read this related article: Reach Your Financial Goals with these Nintendo Switch Games)

Nintendo Switch gadgets to buy yourselfDon’t be fooled by its size. This console gives you a world of play entertainment at the palm of your hands. Play it as a handheld or plug it to your TV. Enjoy single player games or discover multi-player thrills through its detachable Joy-Cons. Additionally, its Wi-Fi capabilities even makes it possible for you to enjoy multi-player and cross-platform gaming with friends from far away.

The Nintendo Switch starts at P17,495 and is also available with various bundle deals.

Also available: the Nintendo Switch Lite starting at just P11,499.75.

You can also check out some of the more popular single-player games on Nintendo Switch to help you decide if this gaming device is right for you.  

Have you decided on the gadget gift you’re buying to rewarding yourself with for the holidays? Stay tuned and #CheckCyberzone to keep posted on more holiday gift ideas, product reviews, and information updates on the latest gadget and tech finds!



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