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Despite the pandemic situation, many Filipinos still find themselves needing to travel and commute, whether for work or personal reasons. And because, pandemic or no pandemic, a Manila commute remains challenging to say the least, we feel you might appreciate a little help to make the experience bearable.

Enter technology! This article showcases several gadget deals that can help you breeze through your commute–gadgets to help you keep entertained, healthy, safe, and functional no matter what your commute might be like. You might even arrive at your destination more refreshed, relaxed, and raring to start your day than you were before you left. 

Check our shortlist out below, and continue to #CheckCyberzone for gadget and technology news about devices like these!


Noise-canceling earbuds: Sony WF-1000XM4


Noise-canceling earbuds: Sony WF-1000XM4, Source: Trusted Reviews

It might be in your best interest to maintain a peaceful space around you during your commute, within which you’re kept away from bothersome and distracting noises. If so, the Sony WF-1000XM4–available at Sony stores and other Cyberzone retailers–could be just what you need. Enjoy industry-leading noise-canceling capabilities and surpassing audio quality in a stylish package that fits your ears unobtrusively and comfortably. And you don’t have to stay completely isolated from your environment, thanks to Ambient Sound, Adaptive Sound Control, and Speak-to-Chat modes that intelligently help you hear more of what’s going on around you and pause music automatically so you can talk to people. The IPX4 water-resistant and fast-charging WF-1000XM4 also charges wirelessly and comes in your choice of Silver or Black.


Powerbank: ROMOSS Ares 10

ROMOSS Ares 10

Powerbank: ROMOSS Ares 10, Source: Marsietis

When you head out, you can’t always determine how long you’ll stay out, and this can be a problem for those of us who depend on our gadgets to get our work done and stay in touch. Investing in a powerbank like the Ares 10 will help you ensure that your tech doesn’t end up drained of juice no matter how long your commute or how busy you get en route to your destination. The Ares 10 packs a whopping 10000mAh in its appreciably slim and light case (this unit is almost the length and width of a credit card, albeit several times thicker). For reference, it’s able to charge an iPhone 8 around four times from empty to full. Micro-USB and USB-C inputs allow for charging versatility, whereas two USB outputs let the Ares 10 charge two devices at the same time, and an LED display helps you keep track of how much charge is left. See the Ares 10 at a wide range of Cyberzone retailers.


Gaming device: ONEXPLAYER


ONEXPLAYER Mini AMD Edition, Source: Onexplayer

For the ultimate in distraction while in transit, why not consider a gaming device like the ONEXPLAYER? Available at Cyberzone stores, this is a compact handheld device that features a bright and clear 8.4-inch IPS screen (2560 x 1600 resolution) and runs on a powerful Ryzen 7 4800U processor (1.8-4.2 Ghz) and AMD Radeon Graphics 8 core (1750 Mhz). You can upgrade to an even more powerful model showcasing a Ryzen 5800U (1.9-4.4 Ghz) and AMD Radeon RX Vega 8 core graphics. Whichever model you end up with, a familiar layout including crosskeys and left and right joysticks ensure that those used to other portable consoles will find this one easy to adjust to, while a 15,300 mAh high-capacity battery will provide hours of gaming fun. 


E-reader: Amazon Kindle

E-reader Amazon Kindle

E-reader: Amazon Kindle, Source: Hollis Johnson/Business Insider

If you’d prefer to catch up on your reading while in transit–and if you’d rather not be distracted by calls, SMS, app notifications, and so on and so forth–how about a dedicated e-reader like the Amazon Kindle? The Kindle has been a mainstay of the e-reader market for years, thanks to its easy-to-use interface and stylish and sturdy hardware, and this latest version takes things forward. A 167 ppi display is easy on the eyes and reads like an actual paper book or document, even in bright sunlight, and adjustable brightness lets you find the setting that’s best for your eyes. Read for literal weeks on a single battery charge, and pick from thousands of titles all stored in-device thanks to its generous 8GB of onboard storage. Pick up a Kindle in either black or white at a range of Cyberzone stores today.


Mobile gaming controller for Android smartphones: Razer Kishi

Mobile gaming controller for Android smartphones Razer Kishi

Mobile gaming controller for Android smartphones: Razer Kishi, Source: Lori Grunin/CNET

Last but certainly not least on our list is this device that’s guaranteed to transform your Android smartphone into a terrific mobile gaming device through conferring console-level control on your phone. The controller’s flexible design lets you easily stretch and clamp it on your Android phone for a secure hold. A physical linkage to your phone’s charging port gives you instant button response and ultra-low latency gameplay. Those accustomed to a dedicated mobile gaming device and the instant tactile feedback it offers will revel in this device’s clickable analog thumbsticks, face and bumper buttons, and D-pad. See the Kishi gaming controller at Razer and other Cyberzone retailers.


Enjoyed this list of gadget deals to help ease your commute? Make sure to #CheckCyberzone to keep abreast of gadget and technology news like this, and pick up the #TechAssured gadgets you want and need today, online or at a Cyberzone near you.




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